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About Academic Index

The Academic Index (AI) is a score that Ivy League schools and other top colleges use to evaluate the academic strength of an applicant. The AI is a score out of 240 based on the averages of the SAT Reasoning Test and Subject Test scores, and class rank.

The AI is used by admission officers to give a rough academic ranking for an applicant. Although it is used in the admissions process, it does not take into account other parts of the application, including essays, recommendations and extracurricular activities. Also, the AI is not used by all elite colleges and even if it is considered by the school, it may not play a large role in the admission decision.

According to Michele Hernandez, a former admissions officer at Dartmouth, the approximate average of Ivy applicants is around 200 while the average AI of accepted students is closer to the 211 range. Calculate your AI score. Choose a method for a class rank: If you have an exact class rank, then please provide that first. If not, use the next ranking method that applies to you.

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