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 SAT 1530     Top 3%  5 Days Ago
President of Robotics
2nd place of graphics design in MA
Math League winner in MA
Volunteer for community schools for 3 years
Volunteer team builder/establisher
FLL winner at MA state level

 SAT 1260     Top 20%  8 Days Ago
State or Country: Texas

Program: psychology
AP: US History, Physics
GPA: 4.7
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Soccer (4 yrs)
- Best Buddies (3 yrs)
- Club Soccer (12 yrs)

 SAT 1520     Top 5%  8 Days Ago
Junior Varsity/Varsity Dance Team (Junior representative and Bollywood captain)

 SAT 1290     Top 5%  9 Days Ago
ambassador of student representation organization
founder of non-profits to lessen effects of fast fashion effects
state affairs director of youth advocacy team
president of school beta club
president of school culture club
president of school chapter of youth advocacy team
flute section leader

 SAT 1560     Top 1%  1 Month Ago
State or Country: United Arab Emirates

Program: Computer Science
IGCSEs: 6 A*s
Predicted grades for IAL: 3 A*s
GPA: 3.91
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Badminton varsity team (1 yr)
-Professional painting and art business (4 yrs)
-Learned coding from numerous online courses and worked for companies to build their websites
-Built personal art website with blog
-Volunteered for a number of places and accumulated 65 hours
- Model United Nations (1 yr)
-Got my art displayed at exhibitions

 SAT 1580     Top 10%  1 Month Ago
debate national champion
national merit finalist
national ap scholar
deca international champion
national debate team member
internship with bank of america
two perfect scores on sat subject test

 SAT 1240     Top 5%  1 Month Ago
4.0 GPA
working at chick fil a
volunteer in community
Tennis varsity
down syndrome sister
first one in family to go to college in America

 SAT 1290     Top 5%  1 Month Ago
World Tour with San Francisco Girls Chorus
Tennis Championship
Volunteer Work

 SAT 1420     Top 3%  1 Month Ago
State/Country: Delhi, India

Program: Computer Science
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Guitarist (Best Guitarist, 2 yrs)
- Computer Science Club (Vice President in Grade 12, Design Head in Grade 11)

 SAT 1320     Top 30%  1 Month Ago
Crew Team Captain, Athletic Broadcasting, German Club, National German Exam Medalist, Renaissance Reading Distinguished Scholar

 SAT 1320     Top 10%  1 Month Ago
Vice President of school
Key club
Varsity track
Varsity cross country
Congressional task force

 SAT 1280     Top 5%  1 Month Ago
State or Country: Maryland

Program: Business
SAT II: n/a
AP:lang 3, psych 4, gov 4, World 3
GPA: 3.75-3.81
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Community Service (Volunteer)- Maryland Youth Team Leader for Nonprofit (9,10,11,12)
Academic- Member of Superintendent's Leadership Academy (11,12)
Student Govt./Politics- Future Vote Ambassador for the Board of Elections (9,10,11,12)
Athletics: JV/Varsity- Football: Captian - Member of the Captains Council (9,10)
Internship- Video Productions Intern Specialist for nonprofit (11,12)
Work (Paid)- Grader at tutoring company (11,12)
Other Club/Activity- Youtube Channel Creater (11,12)
Internship- Video Editing Specialist for Blog (11,12)

Selected as 1 of 20 Nationally for World Wildlife Fund Citizen Scientist (national)
Baltimore Ravens Community Quarterback Award (national)
Nominated and Selected to attend the Superintendent's Leadership Academy (stale/regional)
UNA-USA Ambassador Award (national)
Daily Point of Light Award from Points of Light (national)

 SAT 1210     Top 20%  1 Month Ago
State or Country: New York

Program: Business
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Fencing (Captain, 5 yrs)
- International Cultural Society (2nd Vice President, 4 yrs)
- Chess Club (Vice President, 2 yrs)
- Boys Scholar Athlete Leadership Club (3 yrs)
- Bible Club (1 yr)
- Garden Club (1 yr)
- Spanish Honor Society
- Business Honor Society

 SAT 1230     Top 10%  1 Month Ago
State or country: California
SAT: 1230
Gender: Female
-Girl Scout since kindergarten
- Play Soccer
-Youth Council member
-Student Achievement exec

 SAT 1330     Top 10%  1 Month Ago
Varsity track, letter, captain
unweighted GPA 3.9
Weighted GPA 6.1
11 AP courses including Calculus

 SAT 1550     Top 3%  2 Months Ago
State or Country: California

Program: Engineering
SAT II: Physics 800, Math 2 770
AP: World History 3, AP Calc AB 3, AP Lang 4, AP Physics 5, AP Calc BC 5, AP Computer Science 5, AP US History 4
GPA: 4.4
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Ice Hockey(7 yrs)
- Coding Club(2 yrs)
- 1 coding award
- 1 STEAM Award from school
- Build a Fitness Application
- Robotics Club(4 yrs)
- Club President
- National Honors Society(3 yrs)
- Badminton(1 yr)

 SAT 1370     Top 10%  2 Months Ago
Track & Field (4 yrs)
Cross Country (4 yrs)
Science Olympiad (1 yr)
Math Club (1 yr)
Coding Club (1 yr)
National Honors Society (1 yr)

 SAT 1450     Top 1%  2 Months Ago
State or Country: California

Program: Science & Math, Music
SAT II: Chemistry 800, Physics 720, US History 660
AP: Math 5, English 4
GPA: 4.0
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Math Club (4 yrs)
- MAA Contest, 1st in school
- Geometry Exam, 1st in city
- Concert Band (4 yrs)
- Youth Symphony (2 yrs)
- Many Math & Science awards

 SAT 1430     Top 30%  2 Months Ago
-mock trial
-tech tutoring
-AP courses
-national honor society
-spanish honor society
-english honor society
-music honor society
-nursing home volunteering

 SAT 1280     Top 10%  2 Months Ago
Science Olympiad(3 yrs)
Mathletes(2 yrs)
Community service club (4 yrs)
National Honor Society(2 yrs)
Soccer(2 yrs)
Indoor track(1 yr)
Tennis(3 yrs)
Track(1 yr)
Bowling(2 yrs)
Worked at an Apple Orchard(4 yrs)
Recorded and filmed church services(4 yrs)
Competed in Rubik's Cube Tournaments(4 yrs)

 SAT 1550     Top 1%  2 Months Ago
Varsity tennis (4 years). Journalism for three years. Journalism camp at Northwestern and Indiana state university. Model UN. NHS president. Chess club. Ping pong club. 4.78 GPA. 1 out 380. Organic farming internship. Tennis coaching. Member of chapter of Vibha dedicated to helping underprivileged kids in India.

 SAT 1570     Top 1%  2 Months Ago
varsity volleyball
youtube channel
math club
fund raising

 SAT 1260     Top 10%  2 Months Ago
GPA 3.8, varsity sports manager, varsity cheer, student government, national honors, student club, AP government, AP environmental science,

 SAT 1510     Top 1%  2 Months Ago
State PA
AP USHis 5, Bio 4, World 5, Eng Comp 5
Us Gov 5, Calc AB 4
GPA. 4.0
Gender Male

Student Council Secretary 2 years
FBLA Representative 4 years
National Honor Society Treasurer 1 year
National Band Honour Society
National Spanish Honour Society
Drama Club Vice President 1 year
Junior Varsity Tennis 1 year
Drama Club 5 years
Musical Club 9 years
Band 9 years
Jazz band 2 years
Carbon County Band 2 Years
FBLA 2nd Place State Finisher Journalism
FBLA National competitor
AP Scholar with distinction
National Hispanic Merit Scholar
Food Pantry Worker

 SAT 1300     Top 5%  3 Months Ago
-varsity swim team (3 years, captain one year)
-club swim team (9 years)
-National Honor Society
-Culture Club
-PAWS Club
-Student Advisory Leader
-Job (4 years)

 SAT 1540     Top 1%  3 Months Ago

State or Country: South Korea

Program: Physics, Statistics, Economics, Philosophy, Linguistics
SAT II: Math Level 2 800, Physics 740
AP: Calculus BC 5, Physics 5, Physics C 5, Physics C 5, Linear Algebra 5, Chemistry 5, Language 4, Mandarin 5, Macro 5, Micro 5...
GPA: 4.2
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Badminton (Captain, 2 yrs)
- Jazz Band (Leader, 2 years)
- Science League (3 yrs)
- Robotics (Leader, 4 yrs)
- TaeKwonDo (4 yrs)
- Tutoring (3 yrs)
- Econ club (Founder, Leader, 2 yrs)
- Econ essay awards (International)
- Robotics awards (National & International)
- Physics awards (National)
- ABRSM Grade 8 Distinction (International)

 SAT 1540     Top 1%  3 Months Ago
Piano lessons(6 years)
Debate club secretary
Robotics Club President
Intern at startup
AFS President

 SAT 1370     Top 20%  3 Months Ago
8 AP Classes
Senior Class President
Student Council Vice President
HOSA Secretary
School's Dream Team
School District Student Representative
200+ Volunteer Hours

 SAT 870     Top 40%  4 Months Ago
State or Country: California

Program: Psychology, Social Work

Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Softball (3 years)
- Student government (3 years)

 SAT 1310     Top 5%  4 Months Ago
Math Club President
Quincy Arts Fest 2nd Place
Science Olympiad Club Treasurer
Junior Varsity Tennis
Science Fair Judge

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