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 SAT 1510     Top 1%  1 Day Ago
STUDENT council V.P., Class V.P. Stu

dent council rep. to sch. bd. teacher asst. math forensic team district finalist, world language club ,orchestra cello & piano, key club outstanding young women for cambria county finalist school theatre

 SAT 1090     Top 70%  1 Day Ago
City and State: Phoenix, Arizona

National Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
Native Club - Officer

Hoop of Learning (24 college courses completed)

Gender: Female

GPA: 3.7

Honors Classes taken and completed:
Honors Algebra 3-4
Honors Trigonometry
Honors Pre Calculus

 SAT 1040     Top 10%  2 Days Ago
- Mentoring Program at Morgan Stanley
-Community Service Club
-National Honors Society
-Newspaper Club
-Girls Write Now
-Model UN
-Poetry Club
-Student Government
-Glamour Gals Club

 SAT 930     Top 30%  2 Days Ago
volleyball (3 years)
drama (1 year)
yearbook (1 years)
mentor program (1 year)
upward bound program (2 years)

 SAT 1590     Top 1%  3 Days Ago
State or Country: India

Program: Computer Science, Engineering
GPA: 4.0
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Head Girl
- School Newsletter (Editing Team, 1 yr)
- Part of STEP program by TERI - implemented project aimed at raising water conservation awareness in schools and locality (outreach - 1080 people)

 SAT 1050     Top 50%  3 Days Ago
Soccer for 10 years, 2 years on JV, captain of club team.

Karate for 2 years; purple belt

Golf for 1 year

Licensed Lifeguard

Licensed Referee

Volunteered school tutoring, basketball team, soccer team

 SAT 1140     Top 10%  3 Days Ago
International student from India
Physics,Chemistry , Biology & Psychology in High School
SAT : Math 600 English 540
Toefl - 87

 SAT 1440     Top 5%  3 Days Ago
State or Country: MASS

Program: Bio Major
SAT II: Math 700, US History 700
AP: Micro 5, Marco 5, English Composition 4, Spanish 4, US History 4,
GPA: 4.49
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Soccer (2 rs)
- Life Smart (2 yrs)
- National Honor Society
- Century Club (3yrs)
- Boy Scout - Star Scout

 SAT 1290     Top 20%  4 Days Ago
Four season athlete Lacrosse, Medical internship, Church volunteer, worked at job since 14, National honor society

 SAT 1320     Top 30%  4 Days Ago
Varsity Football
Varsity Basketball
Varsity Track
National Honor Society
Spanish National Honor Society
FBLA Treasurer
FBLA Regional Treasurer
DECA Vice President
Junior Board
200 service hours

 SAT 1430     Top 3%  4 Days Ago
Three season athlete (Cross Country/Indoor Track/Outdoor Track) National honor society president, Plays violin for high school and Binhgamton Youth Symphony, Science Olympiad, Mock Trial,

 SAT 1530     Top 3%  7 Days Ago
State or Country: india

Program: physics and math
SAT II: math 800, Physics 800

GPA: 4
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Trinity school of music: guitar level: 5)
- founder physics club
- Math League (3 yrs)
- research project: 2 years
- Won principal Award for innovation
- meritorius student
- Special awardee at IRIS and many science events

 SAT 1430     Top 3%  9 Days Ago
National Honor Society
4 Years Varsity Lacrosse
4 Years Varsity Field Hockey
Camp Counselor
AP Math, History, English, Calculus, Statstics
Community Service
GPA 3.89

 SAT 1540     Top 5%  9 Days Ago
State or Country: New York

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering..
SAT II: Chemistry 700, Physics 720, US History 650
AP: Chem 5, Physics 4, Bio 4..
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Football (Captain, 4 yrs)
- Yearbook (Editor, 2 yrs)
- Math League (3 yrs)
- Model United Nations (2 yrs)
- Won Best Delegate Award
- Best Presentation

 SAT 1400     Top 50%  10 Days Ago
Varsity tennis for two years
President of cultural club
NHS member
GPA: UC weighted 4.04

 SAT 1540     Top 1%  15 Days Ago
student council rep. to school bd.
play piano & cello in orchestra
key club, outstanding young woman finalist in cambria county pa.
forensic district finalist

 SAT 1480     Top 1%  16 Days Ago
Chai Club President- (interest club that advocates Zionism) I led a series of school presentations and a shirt campaign that promoted a safer school environment without discrimination. I did this after someone placed a Nazi insignia on our club door.
Student Government Association- member (3 years)
Mu Alpha Theta- 2 years
Biomedical Club- 1 year
Social Studies Honor Society- 3 years
FFEA (Florida Future Educators of America)- recording secretary
Tennis- (hobby)
Participated in leadership seminars around the world (Israel, Chile, San Diego) and conducted approximately 600 hours of community service
Started an organization that donates used electronic devices to leas fortunate families in south America

 SAT 780     Top 5%  19 Days Ago
Colorguard all 4 years of high school. Orchestra. And took ap all throughout high school. 4.0 gpa

 SAT 1050     Top 40%  19 Days Ago
Honor roll, 3 year Varsity Basketball All Conference, 2 year Varsity football All conference, 4 year Varsity Track All Conference
Community fund raisers

 SAT 1160     Top 40%  20 Days Ago
3 years honor classes, 11 years of girl scouts, Working to earn Gold Award in Girl Scouts. Horseback riding and competitive school jumping since age 5. Received the 2016 Presidents Awards for volunteering from President Barack Obama. Continue to volunteer in my community and will take additional honor classes senior year (2018/2019

 SAT 1430     Top 10%  1 Month Ago
Varsity tennis
State champion
National honors society
Rotary club
Living and learning center

 SAT 1380     Top 5%  1 Month Ago
Eagle Scout
Awarded the Boy Scout of the Year
Robotics Deans list semi finalist
NHS lifetime member
Lead Scout for FRC robotics team
Davis Youth Robotics Competition Coordinator
Volunteer of the Year award VEX

 SAT 1410     Top 30%  1 Month Ago
4 years of Debate
Opinion and business editor of Newspaper
Small group leader for middle school girls all three of their middle school years
National Beta Club
Rho Kappa

 SAT 1040     Top 10%  1 Month Ago
transfer from Jr college
2 years Basketball
gpa 3.7
Phi Theta Kappa
Alpha Beta Gamma
Student Athlete award

 SAT 1030     Top 30%  1 Month Ago
4 year varsity baseball
2 year football
1 year track
4 year FFA
4 year 4-h
Eagle Scout
4 year impact Cushing community service program
Distinguish program
4 year academic excellence award

 SAT 1340     Top 10%  1 Month Ago
4 years varsity cross country
4 years varsity track
3 years varsity swimming
4.0 GPA
National honors society
Spanish honors society
State champion 100 yard butterfly
State champion 100 yard backstrok

 SAT 830     Top 5%  1 Month Ago
I got nominated to be ASB secretary for my senior year, my junior year. I have moved schools 2 times going into high school so getting involved with my high schools has always been a struggle but i have concquored my fear of involvement and decided to stick out my senior year of high sxhool and be more involved with my high school. I also attended Camp Auburn which is a week long activity where I was a groups of fifth graderís counselor at a camp and guided them through the week while having tons of fun.

 SAT 1300     Top 10%  1 Month Ago
Varsity track and cross country 4 yrs.
captain all-conference

Musical theater leads 3 yrs.
Piano, guitar
Multiple AP classes
4.1 GPA

Double legacy

Many other extra curricular

 SAT 1480     Top 1%  1 Month Ago
12 AP including Chemistry, Physics l & C, Calculus AB & BC
GPA 5.1/4.0 weighted/unweighted
Rank 7/709
NHS, President
Chemistry Club, Vice President
Science National Honor Science
Interact Club, President
Youth Leader, RYLA
SAT Tutor
JV Football - 2 years
JV & Varsity Lacrosse - 4 years

 SAT 1540     Top 5%  1 Month Ago
1000 Point basketball scorer
Economics team captain
3.85 unweighted gpa
president- conservative club

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