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 SAT 1010     Top 1%  5 Months Ago

STUDENT council V.P., Class V.P. Stu

dent council rep. to sch. bd. teacher asst. math forensic team district finalist, world language club ,orchestra cello & piano, key club outstanding young women for cambria county finalist school theatre

 SAT 1040     Top 1%  11 Months Ago

Drama Group
Stage Crew
Radio Show
Student Government
Student Ambassador
Peer Mentor

 SAT 950     Top 90%  12 Months Ago

Country: Pakistan

Program: Engineering
Percentage (High School): 92%
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Literary Society - Active Member - 1 year
- Volunteer Work (Leading Cancer HOspital in Pakistan) - 3 months
- Kangroo Test - Top 30 students

 SAT 980     Top 1%  13 Months Ago

Varsity soccer, basketball, track, key club, sadd secretary, academic Team, ffa, volunteer work, youth group, honor society

 SAT 910     Top 10%  13 Months Ago

Varsity Soccer Captain
National Honor Society
CEO of FCC regulated school TV and Radio station

 SAT 890     Top 10%  14 Months Ago

Basket ball player of state level
Mun (Best Delegate)
As a social worker thought regularly in a village school
Article for school newspaper & Magzine

 SAT 820     Top 1%  14 Months Ago

Debate Club
Community Service
Yale 2016 summer program
Yale 2017 summer program

 SAT 930     Top 20%  15 Months Ago

Founder and CEO of Start-up Company
Founder of website that showcases and supports refugees

Co-Author of a Teacher Developement Manual that helps teachers instruct history in the classroom

2nd place winner of International Music Competition

 SAT 740     Top 3%  16 Months Ago

debate club president
Best speaker 2016
captain school basket ball team
volunteered at a community program for 2 years

 SAT 1060     Top 5%  17 Months Ago

Do I have a good chance?
Unweighted GPA: 3.88
Weighted GPA: 4.65-4.7.
ACT: 36
10 AP's got A's in all of them but two.
Founder and captain of quiz bowl club
Did biomedical research at state university
Started a fundraiser to help kids without limbs get prosthetic limbs.
Science Olympiad member (won medals at regional and some at states)
Mu Alpha Theta (won a few awards).
AMC qualifier.

 SAT 1030     Top 5%  18 Months Ago

-Student Government (President, 2 yrs)
-Science Olympiad (Captain, 2 yrs)
-Hospital Volunteer (3 yrs)
-Key Club (President, 2 yrs)
-Frisbee (2 yrs)

 SAT 930     Top 20%  18 Months Ago

JV and Varsity Field Hockey-- 4 years
Varsity Fencing-- 4 years
Varsity Lacrosse-- 4 years
Mock Trial-- 3 years
Diversity Council-- 2 years
Varsity Fencing Captain-- 2 years
Babysitting-- 4 years
Lifeguarding-- 2 years
Mu Alpha Theta Member (Math Honor Society)-- 2 years
Latin Honor Society Member-- 2 years
Science Honor Society Member-- 1 year
Mu Alpha Theta Tutor-- 2 years

 SAT 930     Top 3%  19 Months Ago

Rank 26/870
ACT 34
Football (which hurt my GPA and rank)
Key Club
Mentor to kids in a club
National Honor Society

 SAT 980     Top 3%  2 Years Ago

GPA 4.35
President, Music Council
President, Madrigals
Music Honor Society
Robotics Club
Cross Country, Track
Marching Band
Section Leader
Advanced Level Piano Performance
Church and Community Vocalist
AP: Music Theory, Statistics
Human Geography, Psychology,

 SAT 740     Top 40%  2 Years Ago

Work at harris teeter and enjoy long walks on the beach while drinking orange juice as I watch the sunset in the distance sink beyond the ocean.

 SAT 850     Top 3%  2 Years Ago

National honor society; Eagle Scout, swimming (4 years, lettered); golf (4 years, lettered); volleyball (4 years, lettered);

 SAT 1010     Top 3%  2 Years Ago


 SAT 1500     Top 3%  2 Years Ago

National Merit Scholar
Eagle Scout
Scouting 12 years
VP Math Club
Black Belt
Robotics Club
Volunteer in Nature Center

 SAT 1530     Top 5%  2 Years Ago

SAT 2 Math 2 790, U.S. History 780, Chemistry 780
11 AP classes,
Regional Youth Symphony
Juuilliard Precollege
Science Olympiad
Volunteer, Student teacher
Waksman Scholar student leader
Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout

 SAT 680     Top 10%  2 Years Ago

nhs president, drum major, class president, FFA vice president, band member, PALS member, varsity tennis, job, varsity track, varsity cross country, persuasive speaking,Spanish club member, student body president

 SAT 1560     Top 10%  2 Years Ago

Speech and debate, key club secretary, president of junior statesman of america, vice president of model un, president and founder of habitat for humanity, student council for three years, varsity field hockey, president of salvation army club, secretary Club Med

 SAT 790     Top 10%  2 Years Ago

Robotics team captain two years in a row, Diamond Girl, MIT InvenTeam member, Business manager for a robotics team, Orchestra member for three years, Deans list award winner, Environmental club historian, debate team member, and FCA member

 SAT 1250     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

State or Country: New York

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering..
SAT II: Chemistry 700, Physics 720, US History 650
AP: Chem 5, Physics 4, Bio 4..
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Football (Captain, 4 yrs)
- Yearbook (Editor, 2 yrs)
- Math League (3 yrs)
- Model United Nations (2 yrs)
- Won Best Delagate Award
- Best Presentation

 SAT 1300     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

Captain of Soccer Team
First Chair of Orchestra
Tutor and Mentor at New Haven Reads

 SAT 870     Top 80%  3 Years Ago

Volunteer for a year
Head of drama
President of debtors club
President of scripture union
General secretary of red cross
Best student in French
Best student in literature in English

 SAT 1230     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

Gpa 3.9
Top 10 maths olympiad
2 internships in engineering
Sat subject 700 physics 790 french 730 math level 2
President of leo club
Worked on the legal aid
Won the 100 percent presidential award
2 times champion of badminton
Played with the lebanese national soccer team for 2 years
Community work at school

 SAT 1560     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

future business leaders of america
model un
model congress
student council
medical internships(4)

 SAT 1600     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

National Honors Society
Yale Hospital Volunteer, 12 hours a week

 SAT 930     Top 50%  3 Years Ago

Medical Internship
Boys Varsity Tennis
Honors 9-12th Grade
GPA: 3.3
Sunday School Volunteer

 SAT 1470     Top 10%  3 Years Ago

Varsity Football
Varsity Basketball-Captain
Wind Ensemble-French Horn
Marching Band-Trumpet
Red Cross Blood Drive
Cleveland Little Free Library Book Drive
Volunteer Organization for Teens
National Merit Commended
Buckeye Boys State

 SAT 1450     Top 3%  3 Years Ago

National Merit Scholar Semifinalist
National Hispanic Recognition Scholar
Academic Team- competed 2 years at state
Debate Team captain and 2 time county champ
300 hours volunteer work
Started school newspaper
IB student- 4.0 unweighted gpa

 SAT 1110     Top 3%  3 Years Ago

National Honor Society
Science Club
Chess Club
Collegiate Academy
National Spanish Honor Society
National High School Scholar

 SAT 1330     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

State or Country: California

Program: Upward Math&Science TRiO Program
GPA: 4.1
Gender: Female
Could speak/read/read/listen 4 languages

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Tennis (1 yr)
- MESA (4yrs)
2nd place on solo math in algebra 2
- Robotics(4yrs)
- Cyberpatriot

 SAT 1260     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

-Outsiders club(3 years, President)
-Student council(class president, School president)
-Art Club
-Anime Manga Club

 SAT 1230     Top 10%  3 Years Ago

Volleyball (5 years)
rides horses (13 years)
research student in authentic science research with published paper
12 credits from State University of New York at Albany
14 credits from Ocean County College
a part of National Society of High School Scholars
a member of National Honors Society the Poseidon Chapter
a writing center tutor
a member of the debate club, class club, interact and science league
volunteer at the local library, food pantry and Barnegat Bay Parnership
Perry Outreach Iniative alumni

 SAT 1430     Top 5%  3 Years Ago

National honors society president of debate team president of key club law firm internship cofounder of community charity organization self published children's author black belt in karate independent chinese language study many volenteer hours awarded community service award from town

 SAT 1210     Top 20%  3 Years Ago

first generation college student
high-school student body president
national honor society member
boy scout member
went to regional spelling bee in middle school
boy scouts
part time job
honors English and college level math and english

 SAT 1470     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

State or Country: Washington

Program: Undecided
SAT II: None yet
AP: Human Geo 5, more to come (Calculus AB, Calculus BC, US History, Spanish Language, Physics, American Gov, Comparative Gov)
Unweighted GPA: 4.0
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Boy Scouts of America (Eagle Scout; Senior Patrol Leader)
- Varsity Cross Country (4 yrs)
- Violin/Orchestra

 SAT 1540     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

State: Virginia

Program: Arts and Science
SAT II: World History-750, Biology-720, Math II-?
APs: Euro-5, Co' Gov't-5, BC Calculus-?, Physics-?
IBs: Math SL-6-7?, others...
GPA: 3.95 UW
Gender: Male
Full IB Diploma Candidate

Profile of Activities:
-NHS Historian (3 years)
-Youth Group Officer (3 years)
-French Club President (4 years)
-JV Track (3 years)
-Academic Team Captain (3 years)
---Conference Champions
-Hospital Volunteer (1 year)
-SPCA Volunteer (2 years)
-Robotics (2 years)
-Literary Mag. Art Editor (3 years)
-Debate (3 years)
---State Participant
---7th place, Regionals
-Art w/ supplementary art submissions (no art shows because those contradict my ideologies)
-Philosophy Club Founder (1 year)

 SAT 1410     Top 20%  3 Years Ago

Natl honor society
Key cluub
Catholic squires
Prom committee
Mini thon

 SAT 1370     Top 5%  3 Years Ago

Field hockey
competitive classical voice
4.0 GPA UW
volunteer work
internship with governor of RI
founding of politics blog
2010 sat

 SAT 1390     Top 1%  3 Years Ago


GPA: 4.12
Gender: male

Profile of Activities:
- Drama society
- Secretary of drama society
- Secretary of class (student government)
- HOBY leadership conference
- Member of spirit committee
- Tutor at the math center
- Tutor at the writing center
- Member of the regional student advisory council

 SAT 1570     Top 10%  3 Years Ago

cross country
track and field
indoor track and field
Working at camp-Sertoma
Jazz Choir

 SAT 1380     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

Marching band
Concert band
French club
Quiz bowl
Chess club
6 credits of college courses
English department award

 SAT 1290     Top 3%  3 Years Ago

Model United Nations
Community Action Board
Robotics Captain
3.97 GPA
Track and Field
Dance Team
Computer Programming

 SAT 1400     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

National Honors Society
Head List
AP Chem 5
AP Bio 5
AP Stats 5
100+ Volunteer Job Hours
Volunteer at Hospitals

 SAT 910     Top 5%  3 Years Ago

State or Country: New York

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering..
SAT II: Chemistry 700, Physics 720, US History 650
AP: Chem 5, Physics 4, Bio 4..
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Football (Captain, 4 yrs)
- Yearbook (Editor, 2 yrs)
- Math League (3 yrs)
- Model United Nations (2 yrs)
- Won Best Delagate Award
- Best Presentation

 SAT 1330     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

6TH SOF International Mathematics Olympiad - School Rank 1, International Rank - 43
7TH SOF International Mathematics Olympiad - School Rank 1, International Rank 34
12TH SOF National Cyber Olympiad - School Rank 1, National Rank 14
15TH SOF National Science Olympiad - School Rank 1, National Rank 12
16TH SOF National Science Olympiad - School Rank 1, National Rank 09
Cluster CBSE X Under 19 Athletic Meet - Gold (100m), Gold (800m), Bronze (5km)
Velammal CBSE Athletic Championship - Bronze (100m), Gold (800m), Silver (1500m), Silver (3km)
Cluster CBSE VIII Under 19 Athletic Meet - Brone (400m), Bronze (800m), Gold (1500m)
26th National Junior Athletics Meet - Silver (100m), Gold (800m)
CBSE State Athletic Championship 2014 - Gold (100m), Gold (200m)
CBSE State Athletic Championship 2013 - Silver (100m), Silver (200m), Gold (1500m), Gold (5km)
CBSE State Athletic Championship 2012 - Silver (100m), Silver (400m), Gold (800m), Gold (3km)
CBSE State Athletic Championship 2011 - Gold (100m), Silver (200m), Gold (1500m), Gold (3km)
Zone 20 Championship 2014 - Gold (100m), Gold (400m), Gold (800m)
Zone 20 Championship 2013 - Gold (100m), Gold (400m), Gold (1500m)
Zone 20 Championship 2011 - Gold (100m), Gold (400m)
SCKFI South Asia Cup International Karate Championship U19 - Silver (KATA), Bronze (KUMITE)
Belt Test 1st Dan - Ahmedabad - Black Belt - WJF/284/06
Uttarakhand Take Won Do Championship (Under 17) - Gold Medal (Best Fighter)
17th Delhi Inter School Shooting Competition - Bronze medal (Rifle Shooting)
16th Delhi Inter School Shooting Competition - Gold medal (Pistol Shooting)
Dramatics -
1)Peter Pan (Captain),
2)The Christmas Carol (Scrooge-CBS Best Actor Award),
3)Julius Caesar (Julius),
4)The Tempest (Aerial),
5)Macbeth (Macbeth),
6)Merchant of Venice (Shylock),
7)Vikram & Betaal (King Vikram),
8)Operation 3 Star (Spy),
9)As You Like It (Orlando) and
10)A Mid Summerís Night Dream (Oberon)
Leadership Meets -
1)DPS MUN (Special Mention),
2)Amity International MUN (High Commendation),
3)Pathways MUN (High Commendation),
4)BVN IAP (Discussions only),
5)LEAD ON (Discussions only).
Science Events -
1)INTERACT - Mount Carmel School - Math Magic (ppt/skit)-1st,
2)INDRADHANUSH - Green Fields School - Tryst With Time - 1st,
3)CHUNAUTI - Appejay School - Science at Magic - 2nd,
4)DYNAMIX - Ram Jas School - Programming - 2nd,
5)MODEM - Modern School - Coding - 1st,
6)GTB Science Week - PPT - 1st,
7)Jawahar Lal Nehru Science Exhibition - Science Centre Delhi - Selected among top 5 Models in INDIA.
Undertook 1 year research innovation program under engineer, Mr. N.P. Sharma, currently working in Gopsons Printing Press Pvt. Ltd. Created core research papers on printing machines, films and fixer study. Visited Printing Presses and learned printing phenomenon for 2 / 4 / 5 coloured printing machines, especially the Muller Martin, Polar (cutting machine) and Heidelbergs. The program was to inculcate scientific atitude and create a sense of futuristic environment. Created a documentary on leading Printing Presses in India such as Thompson Press, Ajanta Press, Gopsons Press, Replika Printing Press etc. Overhauled the digital printing process. Learned small mechanical operations of commercial printers. Developed a strong thesis, research work and printing history (how the printing facilities emerged through generations) throughut the program.
ROBOTICS at EMTECH - Created the following -
1)Intelligent Traffic Light Controller,
3)Temperature Controller,
4)Intelligent Energy Saver,
5)Pre-paid Energy Meter,
6)Smart Energy Meter,
10)Graphical LCD and
11)Thermal Printer.
Blood Donation - Donated blood at AIIMS Blood Bank in May 2013 and IRCS (Indian Red Cross Society) Blood Bank in June 2014. The blood helped many to survive during the Dengue Haemorrhage Outbrake in Delhi.
Volunteership - Made a 10 school trip in state to spread awareness regarding women sexual harassment. Distributed black pepper spray for instant protection and promoted martial arts for self protection through workshops.
Mock Drill Community - Visited several schools in Dehradun to perform pre disaster workshops. Tips and techniques were displayed. How to tackle and face natural disasters like earthquackes and landslides were practised.
Janasangha Run for Awareness - Participated in this social run which was inaugurated by Health Minister of India. The run was organised to spread awareness regarding AIDS and CANCER.
Mountaineering Course at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi - Learned trekking, rock climbing, bush craft and water man ship.

 SAT 1600     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

Born with a silver spoon in mouth.
Attended MUN conferences since 5th Grade.
2000+ volunteering hours.
GPA of 4/4.
President of the SRC in school.
Senior Prefect for 3 years in a role.
Country's Presidential Advisor
Born with a purple skin.
Pancreas transplant survivor.
5 time winner of National Debate competition.
Editor-In-Chief of Times Magazine.
Programmer and Hacker being paid by Apple Inc. to produce anti viruses.
worked with NASA to produce and launch the first rocket into space

 SAT 1490     Top 1%  4 Years Ago

Country: India
SAT 2 : Maths Level 2 - 750, Physics -770
TOEFL : 110

-Intern with Member of Parliament & ex-Minister- Selected on own initiative via a 3-step interview; Research: rural survey on welfare
schemes and voter dynamics; recognized in Govt. annual report

- President Debating Society
Best Speaker (Class11&12) in 8 national debates; Core Member, Best Team Class 9-
12; Debate Distinction at Global Round, Singapore, World Scholar's Cup

- Founder, www.voiceofteenindia.com
Maintain website, feature interviews with eminent people; guest writers, blogs,
debates, discussions on social, political issues; 6000 visitors so far

- Editor-in-Chief 'Sandesh'- school magazine
Founder of a current affairs feature called 'Modern Times'; Active writer and in charge
of compiling the 90-year old school publication

- Community Service (Volunteer) 'Ummeed'; Project Citizen; Salaam Baalak; Khushi-
'Ummeed'(hope): Vocational educator for slum girls; Project Citizen, USA: National
Award-'Outstanding Performance' -work on underage smoking, drinking

- Vice President EClub; Mentor, school TetraPak prog - Appointed 'New Delhi Tetra Pak Ambassador 2012-13' by The Energy & Research Institute (only 25 students chosen all over India)

-Highest position on the Student Council; Responsibilities: to maintain discipline and
uphold integrity and school values

- Golf, Vice-Captain, School Team, USGA Handicap -8
Tied 2nd & 3rd at two Callaway State Tournaments; PG Tour India - Pro-Am in Delhi

-Head, International Press, Modern School MUN
Awarded 'Honorable Mention' at Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Harvard MUN,
Boston, 2014 (over 3000 participants from 36 countries)

-Peer Trainer - Trained and certified by psychiatrists; delivered modules/talks on cyberbullying &
adolescent issues; conducted peer counseling sessions

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