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 SAT 1040     Top 1%  17 Months Ago

Speech Captain
CISV JB President
Honor Society
National Merit Finalist

 SAT 1010     Top 1%  17 Months Ago

marching band
service groups
symphonic band
spring musical
literary publication

 SAT 910     Top 10%  17 Months Ago

swim team
part time job
french club officer
student activity chair

 SAT 790     Top 20%  17 Months Ago

Greek Club 2014-Present
Dance Marathon
Student Association
Girls Gymnastics Varsity Team 2014-Present
Boys Gymnastics Team
Team Manager
Student Association NNHS 2015-Present
Put a description here
Dance Marathon NNHS 2015-Present
Put a description here
UL / Disney Safety Smart Ambassador Leader 2017-Present
Trained a team of xx other volunteers to promote the Safety Smart Ambassador program and teach the methodology to other youth Cook County Election Judge 2017-Present
Complete online and hands-on training classes
Set up the polling place prior to Election Day
Open facility on Election Day at a.m. and remain until the results are transmitted
Assist & serve voters while polls are open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m.
Pack up the polling equipment at the end of the night

Manager Boys Gymnastics Team at NNHS 2014- Present
Helped coaches and team members at practices and meets with roster, schedule, preparing space for meets, bringing supplies to competitions, etc.
Learned to instill discipline in others

AVON 39 Walk 2012- Present
Set up Pit Stop Station with tables, chairs, essentials, water, etc.
Set up decorations / props
Cheer on walkers as they come through the station
Take photos with walkers and post to pit stop website
Assist walkers with aide, if needed
Break down the station at end of day
Understood the importance of giving back to people in need

 SAT 660     Top 50%  17 Months Ago

symphonic band
jazz band
swimming for 2 years
softball for a year
basketball for 3 years
swim instructor

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