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University of Maine     
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 SAT 900     Top 40%  7 Years Ago

Volunteer activities
2 year HS Basketball
4 years HS Tennis
Outside work experience

 SAT 830     Top 30%  7 Years Ago

State or Country: Maine

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering..
SAT II: Chemistry 700, Physics 720, US History 650
GPA: 3.6
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Track and Field (3 yrs)
- Baseball (2 yrs)
- Perfect Attendance (3 yrs)

 SAT 1330     Top 20%  7 Years Ago

National honor society
cross country
track and field
key club
part time employment
math team

 SAT 970     Top 60%  8 Years Ago

African American female
3.2 gpa
Black student association (1 year)
Club fusion (1 year)
Yearbook/newspaper (2 years)
Environmental club (1 year)
A.P Psychology
Red Cross club (1 year)
Track & field (2 years)
50+ volunteer hours

 SAT 1080     Top 40%  8 Years Ago

Varsity hockey threeyears
Varsity cross country one year
Habitat for hum inanity two years

 SAT 830     Top 30%  9 Years Ago

Civil Rights
Mentoring Program
Key Club
Book Club
American Cancer Society: Realy for Life
Costal Humane Society
Art Walk
Art Club

 SAT 990     Top 10%  9 Years Ago

Varsity Letter in basketball, soccer and tennis
FOR Club Member
200+ volunteer hours
Boys State
Concert Band
Eagle Scout

 SAT 950     Top 60%  9 Years Ago

Spent 5 months volunteering teaching english in Nepal.

Played high school and aau basbeall for 4+ years

Late admission

 SAT 770     Top 40%  9 Years Ago

4 Years Varsity Swimming
1 Year Captain Swim Team
2 Years WSI
3 Years LifeGuard
1 Year Teaching Swim Lessons
3 Years Conference Champion in 500 Yard Free
Digital Photography

 SAT 1030     Top 30%  9 Years Ago

Captain of Competitive Swim Team
Student Council
Student Council Treasurere
Academic Trivia Club

 SAT 1040     Top 50%  10 Years Ago

Student Council
Environmental Club
Powderpuff Captain
Wrestling Manager
Special Olympics Volunteer

 SAT 1270     Top 1%  10 Years Ago

Varsity field hockey, soccer, and swim team. Key club, National Honor Society, Class officer, Student Government, Business Professionals of America, and Students against Destructive Decisions.

 SAT 1150     Top 20%  10 Years Ago

four years of x-country.
four years of student government
three years of track and field
volunteered at blood drives

 SAT 840     Top 5%  10 Years Ago

I work for my athletic director after school, play soccer, take part in my class counsel and help raise money for project graduation, intern at my local elementary school in a kindergarten class, and manage my high school boys basketball team. I have managed to take four years of math in three years and I am only a junior in high school. Next year I will be taking an online college statistics class which will mean I will have earned five math credits plus three college credits within four years. I am in my third year of spanish and I am taking a fourth spanish class next year as well.

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