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 SAT 950     Top 1%  11 Days Ago

Varsity Volleyball
Club Travel Volleyball
Science Olympiad (State Qualifier2 yrs, 2nd place State Event)
Student Council (7 years)
National Honor Society (2 Yrs)
Marching Band (Section Leader)
Wind Ensemble (First Chair)
Choir Chorale

 SAT 840     Top 20%  2 Months Ago

4.1 weighted gpa, 3.93 unweighted gpa. 10 ap classes: ap world, ap us history, ap bio, ap language arts and composition, ap physics, ap government, ap french, ap literature and composition, ap calculus, ap psychology. 300+ hours sports medicine assistant, worked during my junior and senior year as a lifeguard, volunteer 100 hours at the food bank, created my own fundraiser.

 SAT 1020     Top 20%  6 Months Ago

National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist
GPA 4.25
6 APs
Speech and Debate
Science Research

 SAT 1020     Top 1%  7 Months Ago

State or Country: Michigan

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering
SAT II: Chemistry 750, Physics 720, Math II 800
Dual Enrollment
GPA: 3.99
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Tennis (Captain, 3 yrs)
- Yearbook (Editor, 2 yrs)
- Phi Kappa Theta Honors Society (2 yrs)
- National Honors Society (2 yrs)

 SAT 980     Top 3%  7 Months Ago

State or Country: Bosnia & Herzegoniva

Program: Arts & Science, Physics, Engineering..

Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Yearbook (Editor, 2 yrs)
- Math League (3 yrs)
- Model United Nations (2 yrs)
- Won Best Delegate Award
- Best Presentation

 SAT 940     Top 30%  8 Months Ago

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering..

AP: Physics, Biology, Calculus, Human Geography, US History, Macro Economics, Comp Gov
GPA: 3.9
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Tennis (JV 1 Captain, 4 yrs)
- Varsity Band (4 years, Section Leader)
- Varsity Choir (4 years, Region all 4 years)
- Piano (10 years, completed ABRSM)

 SAT 890     Top 10%  8 Months Ago

Helping the elderly with technology cross country and track chorus national honor society volunteer work activism

 SAT 850     Top 3%  17 Months Ago

National Honor society
Student council officer
Spanish honor society
Art honor society
Science honor society
Midwest teen Soyo vip president

 SAT 810     Top 30%  2 Years Ago

Cross Country Captain
Marching Band
Varsity Cross Country
Varsity Track
Service Letter

 SAT 750     Top 10%  2 Years Ago

Band and Marching band
Drama club
Drama club president
National Honor Society President
Dual enrollment

Transfer student. I will have my associates degree before attending my next college.

 SAT 980     Top 30%  2 Years Ago

Youth Group Founder & President(2 yrs),
Student Congress - Treasurer (1 yr),
Finance Analyst (1 yr),
Student Council member(3 yrs),
Student Ambassador(3 yrs),
Co-editor(.5 yrs),
Tri-M Music Honors officer(1 yr),
Tennis Varsity Player (2 yrs),
Tennis Junior Varsity Player (1 yr),
Mock Trial team (2 yrs),
National History Bowl Team member (3 yrs),
Model UN (3 yrs)

 SAT 1000     Top 20%  3 Years Ago

State or Country: Michigan

Program: Arts & Science, Engineering..

GPA: 3.4
Gender: Male

 SAT 1000     Top 30%  3 Years Ago

State or Country: Michigan

Program: Arts & Science, Engineering..

Gender: Male

 SAT 1020     Top 1%  3 Years Ago

State or Country: Michigan

Program: Arts & Science, Health
SAT II: Math II 770
AP: Chem 4, US Gov 3, Calc BC 4, World History 4, Computer Science Principles 4,
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Swim

 SAT 880     Top 3%  3 Years Ago

Drums ,Community Service Photography
Student council

Duke Of Edinberg award
Excellent in photography
National science Olympiad:class topper
School vice captian

 SAT 850     Top 60%  3 Years Ago


Arts & Science

SAT II: Math-640 Reading&Writing-640

AP: Chemistry 5, Physics 3, Psychology 5, Calculus AB 5

GPA: 3.3

Gender: Male

Activities :
Baseball (Freshman year)
Varsity Lacrosse (Sophomore & Junior year)
Leadership Committee (Sophomore)
Mission trip to UK (July 2k17)
Mission trip to Slovakia & Israel (All summer 2k18)
DECA (Senior year)

 SAT 950     Top 10%  3 Years Ago

Varsity tennis
State champion
National honors society
Rotary club
Living and learning center

 SAT 890     Top 1%  4 Years Ago

International Baccalaureate Program Diplomate
SAT Math 660, E/W 680
AP Calc, IB Chinese level 5, IB curriculum for all other classes, ranked 8/411 = 1.98% of class,
Gender: Female
Activities: Varsity Track and Field all 4 years, Varsity Cross Country 4 years and current captain of team, Physical Olympiad Winner, Secretary of Physics Club
Awards: IB Award, Chinese Award, NHS

 SAT 850     Top 30%  4 Years Ago

3 sport varsity athlete
Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow
Quiz Bowl
Senior Patrol Leader Boy Scouts
Eucharistic minister St. Roberts
Honors Humanities program Powers Catholic
Travel Baseball

 SAT 850     Top 10%  4 Years Ago

2 sport varsity athlete
IB Diploma - 4 HL Level
Eagle Scout
National Honor Society
French Club

 SAT 830     Top 1%  4 Years Ago

National Honor society, national technical honor society.
3.95 GPA
3 sport varsity athlete.
Honor class student in the academically selective manufacturing technology academy.
Regional math and science award winner.
Junior achievement participant.

 SAT 740     Top 1%  5 Years Ago

Student Council
Athletic Advisory Committee
National Honor Society

 SAT 890     Top 10%  5 Years Ago

State or Country: Michigan

Program: Computer Sciences / Computer Programming
AP: Pre-Calc, Physics, Literature
GPA: 3.5
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Yearbook (1 yr)
- Part Time Job
- Track and Field (1 yr)
- Dual-Enrolled, with Associates

 SAT 1550     Top 5%  5 Years Ago

Captain of Debate Team (3 yrs)
-VHSL Districts Champion
-VHSL Regionals Champion
-VHSL States Qualifier
-3rd Place WACFL Metrofinals
-GMU Invitational Debate Semi-
-4th place/3rd speaker WACFL 3
-NCFL Nationals Qualifier
President of Key Club (3 yrs)
-Presidential Service Award
-District Service Award
Editor of Lit Arts Mag (2 yrs) Officer of Global Ambassadors(2 yrs)
Treasurer of UNICEF (2 yrs)
Secretary General of Model UN (2 yrs)
SCA School Board Representative(2 yrs)
Member of NHS (2 yrs)
Member of SNHS (2 yrs)
Member of Mu Alpha Theta (2 yrs)
Member of Parks & Recreation Department's Youth Advisory Council (2 yrs)
YAC Step Up Representative (1 yr)
Clinic volunteer (2 yrs)
Chair of Sponsorship & Steering for International Youth Leadership Summit (2 yrs)
Founder of a bullying prevention organization (4 yrs)
Founder of Science Bowl (2 yrs)
Tae kwon do (6 yrs)
400+ volunteer hours
Participant of Barbara Comstock's Young Women's Leadership Program (2 yrs)
Freshman mentor (2 yrs)

 SAT 1350     Top 3%  5 Years Ago

-varsity soccer
-student council
-internship at NASA
-founder art club
-editor school newspaper
-volunteer at library
-mentor in French

 SAT 1450     Top 10%  5 Years Ago

varsity baasketball
varsity track and field
national honor society
vice president thon

 SAT 1420     Top 1%  6 Years Ago

Varsity Football Player 4years, Team Captain
Model UN
The National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists
President and Creator, French Club
Baseball and Track
Close Up Participant

 SAT 1280     Top 1%  6 Years Ago

GPA: 5.01
AP Art Hisory:5 Human Geo:4 IB Math:5 IB Psycholgy:5
Girl Scout- earned Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award
250 volunteer hours at the hospital
summer program at UC Berkeley
IB Diploma Candidate
softball player for 12 years
church leader for four years

 SAT 1230     Top 1%  6 Years Ago

National honor society, medical club, mu alpha theta member, tennis for 3 years, link crew leader, energy academy student

 SAT 1320     Top 10%  6 Years Ago

Editor In Chief of High School Newspaper, Software Team Leader in Robotics Club, and I volunteer with my service dog at hospitals and senior centers 3 times a week. I come from a low income single parent household and I also have a hearing disability. 4 on APUSH and AP Calc AB exams, currently in AP Computer Science, AP Calc BC, and AP Economics.

 SAT 1020     Top 1%  6 Years Ago

National honor society
Beta club
Maynard Jackson youth foundation
Congress of Future Physicians and Scientists

 SAT 1150     Top 20%  6 Years Ago

Swim, Cross Country, Track and field, FBLA, ST. Ignatious Scholar's Program, National Honors Society

 SAT 1300     Top 5%  6 Years Ago

Secretary of United Black Student Unions of California, Secretary of United Black Student Unions of California Northern Region, Vice President of Key Club, Secretary of BSU, IB Diploma Candidate

 SAT 1290     Top 5%  6 Years Ago

Leader of several MUN conferences, was on the debate team for two years and won several debate competitions, played competitive field hockey for two years, worked in creative agency, works for charity (Make A Wish, Kids4Kids), organized school's first ever charity fashion show, Chief editor of school magazine, in school yearbook team

 SAT 1200     Top 10%  6 Years Ago

chess player
badminton player
class leader
kumon grader
karate black belt

 SAT 1250     Top 20%  6 Years Ago

Debate Club
German Club
Science National Honors Society
National Honors Society
German Honors Society

 SAT 1210     Top 5%  6 Years Ago

National Honors Society
Co founder/ Co president of the Literary Society
Quiz Bowl
Volunteer at an elementary school every week (and various other volunteer experiences)
MREACH (Michigan Ross School of Business Enriching Academics in Collaboration with High Schools)

 SAT 1290     Top 5%  6 Years Ago

State or Country: South Carolina

Program: Mathematics
AP: US History, Language, Literature, Calculus, Chemistry
GPA: 3.88
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- National Honors Society (2 years)
-National Technical Honors Society (3 years)
-Piano Lessons (4 years)

 SAT 1430     Top 3%  6 Years Ago

Bowling club
Urban Immersion Service Project for Homeless through academic year and summer; National Geographical Society member; Member of Archeological Society

 SAT 1270     Top 5%  6 Years Ago

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 SAT 1480     Top 10%  6 Years Ago

varsity socccer for two years, club soccer for ten years, hospital volunteer, dermotologist intern for two summers, volunteer coach, tutor, member of , bilingual

 SAT 1110     Top 10%  6 Years Ago

Club softball 6 years
2 years varsity track
Key club
220 Volunteer hours
4years honor English
4 yrs honor Spanish
Honors biology, math, geometry, trig,
Ap chemistry

 SAT 1110     Top 10%  6 Years Ago

Club softball 6 years
2 years varsity track
Key club
220 Volunteer hours
4years honor English
4 yrs honor Spanish
Honors biology, math, geometry, trig,
Ap chemistry

 SAT 770     Top 10%  6 Years Ago

IB student, founded the IB diploma diplomats club, planned the Holi festival and other festivals for our school, a part of Japan Club,help with the school tutoring program, made varsity track and field for 3 years, played varsity volleyball as a freshman,

 SAT 1080     Top 30%  6 Years Ago

My name is Tyler Haywood; I have lived in Livonia, Michigan for all my life, attending Churchill High School. I have actively participated in The Boy Scouts of America for all my life, being one step away from becoming the most highly accredited rank possible, an Eagle Scout as well as holding a patrol leader rank, guiding young scouts along their way. Through the boy scouts of America, I actively participate in community service projects such as building benches, collecting canned food, and singing to the elderly. I also hold a seasonal employment job at Newburgh Swim club, as a lifeguard working during the summers. During the school year, I hold a cumulative grade point average of, 3.148, and an ACT composite score of 26, planning on retaking the test October 27, 2012. As well as participating in school extracurricular activities, such as Track, being on the pole vaulting team. I go every year with other winter sport activists to mount Holly, on the snowboarding team. All while applying to colleges and holding a social life. The challenging courses I have been taking this year include those such as: Medical Assisting, Accelerated Humanities, AP Physics, and furthermore Trig Explorations.

 SAT 1400     Top 10%  6 Years Ago

Spanish tutor
Piano for 3 years
Played viola for 6 years
Girls Rugby for 2 years
Volunteered at the local hospital
Church choir and piano

 SAT 1010     Top 50%  7 Years Ago

Football captain
Track captain
Pro life
Junior marshal
Youth leader (church)
Honor roll

 SAT 1090     Top 30%  7 Years Ago

Track Field Captain
Cross Country captain
National Honor Society
Honor Roll
National Society of High School Scholars

 SAT 1270     Top 1%  7 Years Ago

Country- Bangladesh
Programs- Physics, Chemistry, Maths (A2); Engineering
O levels- Maths B (A*), Pure Maths (A*), Physics (A*), Chemistry (A*), Biology (A*), Human biology (A*), English (A*), Bengali (A)
SAT 2- Planning to take Physics and Maths Level 2
A level /AS - Maths (A), Physics (A), Chemistry (A)
A level /A2- Maths (A)
Activities :
Community Services ( 1 year )
Boot camp ( 3 months )
Basic programming ( 1 year )
Sports club ( 2 years )

 SAT 1030     Top 10%  7 Years Ago

State or Country: Florida

Program: Arts & Science, English, Religious Studies
GPA: 3.5
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- National Honor Society (member, 1 yr)
- National Spanish Honor Society (member, 2 yrs)
- National Science Honor Society (member, 1 yr)
- National English Honor Society (member, 2 yrs)
- Theology Honor Society (Vice President, 2 yrs)
- Yearbook (Editor, 1 yr)
- Campus Minister (3 yrs)
- Dual Enrollment: Philosophy, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, American Government, Theology of the Body
- Advance Placement: English Language, American History, Biology, English Literature

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