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 SAT 920     Top 20%  5 Months Ago

Tennis 4 years
National Honor Society 2 years
French National Honors Society
Honors Band 3 years
Piano 11 years

 SAT 900     Top 1%  2 Years Ago

State or Country: New York

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering..
SAT II: Chemistry 700, Physics 720, US History 650
AP: Chem 5, Physics 4, Bio 4..
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Student Council(President 1yr;VP 1yr; Treasurer 1 yr)
- Brain Maze supervisor (2 yrs)
- Spanish I (1 yr)
- Piano (4 yrs)
- Won 4th place in regional competition

 SAT 920     Top 10%  3 Years Ago

ACT 30
GPA 97 / 100
APs: US History - 4, English Composition - 4, Physics 1 - 4 (Spanish self-studied - 3)
Science Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society
National Honor Society
Principal's Club (highest honors)
Chess - top 5% of age group US Chess Federation
Math Team, Mock Trial, Worldquest, Model United Nations
County Band - clarinet
Paid internships at health clinic and public opinion polling institute
Volunteer at organic community supported agriculture farm

 SAT 1030     Top 40%  5 Years Ago

Sports and academics
Voluntary work
Women empowerment programs
Diving and head girl of school
Olympiad champion

 SAT 640     Top 80%  5 Years Ago

Country: Tajikistan
Program: Business, Economic, Finance...
SAT: Math 620 Eng 340
Ap: Literature 4 Tajik language 5 Russia 5 Physics 5 Turkish language 5 Tajik History 5 International History 5 Geography 5 Biology 4 Computer 4 English 5 Geometry 5 Math 5 Chemistry 5
GPA: 4.71
Gender: Male
Activities: International Turkish language Test(A1 - Elementary 1), International Turkish language Test(B1 - Intermedate 1) Basketball third-place, First Place in Mathematics week, Certificate of Excellence, 2- Certificat of Merit

 SAT 1160     Top 10%  5 Years Ago

Founder of I.T club
Organiser of swimming camp
Tutored students in chemistry
Part of country's top science olympiyad
Community service at 2 organisations
Swimming awards
First position in essay writing competition held by a top organisation

 SAT 1070     Top 10%  6 Years Ago

Varsity Volleyball
Travel Softball Gold
Top Academic 10% in State
National Travel Softball
Heart & Lung Research Student
French Immersion Program

 SAT 1400     Top 3%  6 Years Ago

Active school leadership (class vice president four years). Four year, four sport varsity athlete. Latin club, Windplanners, National Honor Society. Active in church, volunteer at food kitchen and library.

 SAT 1430     Top 30%  6 Years Ago

6 APs
3 SAT II's in the 700s
Editor, Lit Mag
Varsity Softball
Peer Tutoring
Teaching Assistant
State Honor Choir

 SAT 1430     Top 30%  6 Years Ago

6 APs
3 SAT II's in the 700s
Editor, Lit Mag
Varsity Softball
Peer Tutoring
State Honor Choir and 10+ years in select choir

 SAT 1300     Top 10%  7 Years Ago

Theater: acting and Tech
Editor of school newspaper: 3 years
Speech Team
Cross Country team (1 year)
Student leadership
APs: World (5), APUS (5), AP Euro (5), AP Lang and Comp: 4, AP Spanish: 5, AP Bio: 4

 SAT 1230     Top 20%  7 Years Ago

State or Country: Vermont

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Language
SAT II: French 800, Spanish 710
AP: Chem 5, Physics 4, Bio 4..
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Soccer
- Gymnastics
- International travel (rural) Mexico, Lima Peru, Cairo Egypt, Barcelona Spain, Dublin Ireland. Completed 1 year public school in Paris, France

Volunteer and blood doner, American Red Cross

 SAT 1230     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

Editor in chief literary magazine
President gay straight student association
Vice president honors society
Captain, cheerleading team
Intern, law firm
Volunteer, charitable thrift store

 SAT 1380     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

Swim coach and instructor
2 years percussionist at youth symphony
9 years piano
volunteer percussion coach at elementary school
volunteer tutor at cesar chavez academy
volunteer english teacher at lijiang ethnic orphanage school
volunteer over summer at the american prairie reserve
4 years french language
GPA 3.6

 SAT 1320     Top 40%  8 Years Ago

State: Washington, DC

Gender: Male

GPA: 3.4

Eagle Scout
Cross Country Team
volunteer work

 SAT 1160     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

17 year old female african american female, graduate class of Concorida Lutherian Highschool, 4 years Chineese language, ballet dance for 6 years for Excelsior School of Dance, piano, 2 yrs of Natioal Charity League, 1 yr Sparrow Club.

 SAT 1490     Top 1%  8 Years Ago

ACT- 34 composite/ superscore of 35
All-State Band 3 yrs (9th,10th, and 11th grades)
Marching Band
Show Choir
Volunteering with underpriveleged children
Volunteering playing piano for the elderly
National Honor Society
National Spanish Honor Society
Math Team
Breakdance Club

 SAT 1510     Top 3%  8 Years Ago

State or Country: New York

Program: science
SAT II: Chemistry 800, Physics 720, Math II 750
AP: Chem 5, Physics 5, Calculus 4..
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Math League (3 yrs)
-Writer(5 yrs)

 SAT 1380     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

State: Louisiana
Program: Anthropology/Sociology
AP classes: Junior year: French IV, English III
Senior year: English IV, Calculus AB, Environmental Sci, World History
GPA: 3.8
Gender: female

School newspaper
Jewish Cultural Association (founder/president)
Photography Club (VP)
Volunteer pre-k teacher assistant at synagogue religious school
National Honor Society
Enlightenment Club
Science fair 3rd place at state competition

 SAT 1290     Top 1%  8 Years Ago

Varsity Tennis.
National Honor Society.
Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Bass.
Music in the Schools Representative.
Consitution Team - We the People

 SAT 1270     Top 40%  8 Years Ago

school newspaper
National Honor Society
environmental club
Leaders of Tomorrow
Girl Scouts
Key Club

 SAT 1230     Top 30%  8 Years Ago

Varsity Volleyball, JV Volleyball, Peer Counselor, Founder International students club, Tour Guide, JV Ice hockey, JV Softball

 SAT 1600     Top 1%  9 Years Ago

EAP Student Leader
Cashier at Target
Volunteer at hospital
Beta Club
National Honor Society
History Club

 SAT 1180     Top 10%  9 Years Ago

knitting, french honor society, taking care of an autistic brother after school, piano, Honor's choir, district choir, all state choir

 SAT 1460     Top 1%  9 Years Ago

Scholastic Bowl - Captain, Junior High Spelling Team - Assistant Coach, Science Club - President, National Honor Society - Vice President, Knights of Columbus, Math Team, Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering, International Culture Club, Skills USA, FFA (former member)

 SAT 1460     Top 1%  9 Years Ago

Scholastic Bowl - Captain, Junior High Spelling Team - Assistant Coach, Science Club - President, National Honor Society - Vice President, Knights of Columbus, Math Team, Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering, FFA (former member)

 SAT 1260     Top 10%  9 Years Ago

Student Council / Student Leadership
Environmental Club
Volunteer work

 SAT 1410     Top 10%  9 Years Ago

NHS, Key Club, School Newspaper Editor, AP, honors, Academic All-State Cross Country (11th grade), Varsity Cross Country 4 years, Varsity Track 4 years, Athletic Leadership Society, Youth Steering Committee, Volunteer Camp Counselor 3 years, soccer referee, advanced choral ensemble 3 years, German Club presidential committee, volunteer tutor at school.

 SAT 1140     Top 20%  9 Years Ago

x-country team captain for 3 years
German language club

 SAT 1310     Top 5%  9 Years Ago

AP Scholar, ASB Vice-president, varsity soccer 2years, JV soccer 2 years, JV baseball 2 yrs., student ambassador 2 yrs, CSF 4yrs., Block M Club, Volunteer Senior Center Christmas and Summer vacations 4 yrs., Church altar server 9 years, John Saccheri Memorial Scholarship for Leadership and Service, School Leadership class, Honors in European History, 5 on AP US History., 4 on AP Euro, 4 on AP Composition tests, landscape maintenance at local business 2 yrs.

 SAT 1370     Top 1%  9 Years Ago

varsity tennis
national honors
volunteer soccer referee
pianist, high level
summer schools for gifted
volunteer tutor at local school
life guard

 SAT 1490     Top 5%  9 Years Ago

Editor-in-Chief of School Newspaper, Head Editor of School Literary Journal, Organ lessons (scholarship with Royal Canadian College of Organists), Piano (provincial finalist 9th grade), Keyboardist in school Jazz Band, Founder and President of Student Secular Alliance, Tutor at Kumon Learning Centre.

 SAT 1350     Top 20%  9 Years Ago

Three years varsity golf
Three years Mock Trial
Two years volunteer at senior center
One summer intern at county public defender

 SAT 1310     Top 5%  9 Years Ago

AP, honors, student ambassador. Varsity soccer, tennis, football, and basketball. Advanced stage band.

 SAT 1380     Top 1%  9 Years Ago

Sunday school teacher grades 10-12
Homeless lunch volunteer grades 10-12
Anti-bullying school organization grades 11-12
Member of Swedish church youth organization election committee grade 11
Summer camp counselor grads 10-12

 SAT 1470     Top 1%  9 Years Ago

Marching band section leader, choir, band, drum line, hockey, baseball, nhs, tutor

 SAT 1360     Top 20%  9 Years Ago

Very involved in Model United Nations, Teaching drum lessons and other jobs at a nonprofit organization all summer and during the school year, playing drum set in football and basketball band, Pit orchestra for musicals, taking drum and marimba lessons, French club, Spanish club planning team member, Japanese club co-president, former board member of Young Democrats club, French and Spanish honors society.

 SAT 1360     Top 3%  9 Years Ago

NHS, Latin Club Vice President, Latin club president and area and state competitor, Circle of Friends, tutoring, church volunteer, Key club, student council, fca, varsity cross country and track

 SAT 1330     Top 1%  9 Years Ago

Editor School Newspaper
Vice President Senior Class
Part time work 2 years
Volunteer Big Brothers/Big Sisters 2 years
Cross Country Manager 4 years
National Honor Society

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