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 SAT 880     Top 30%  5 Months Ago

Crew Team Captain, Athletic Broadcasting, German Club, National German Exam Medalist, Renaissance Reading Distinguished Scholar

 SAT 860     Top 5%  9 Months Ago

Science club member since 8th grade; played in soccer team since 7th grade; took swimming courses, teakwondo courses; participated in environment cleaning during my senior year.

 SAT 820     Top 5%  13 Months Ago

Figure skating,Art club,mini thon clubb SADD club environmental club, junior academy of science

 SAT 830     Top 5%  16 Months Ago

State or Country: Egypt

Program: Environmental studies, conflict and peace resolution
Honors: Biology, Maths, Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth sciences, Capstone
GPA: 3.45
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Rugby player
- Delegate at women2women Boston international leadership program
- Delegate at Biosphere foundation international Biosphere stewardship program bali
- Model United Nations
- Chair for General Assembly
- Participant at competitive college club Education USA (1 year)

 SAT 670     Top 90%  2 Years Ago

Bedayia voices
Event coordinator
egyptian athlete championship

 SAT 750     Top 40%  3 Years Ago

plays soccer basketball and softball all year round. manages a job, and travel soccer with a 90 average

 SAT 910     Top 10%  3 Years Ago

National Honor Society
girl scout
varsity field hockey
varsity cross country
varsity indoor & outdoor track,

 SAT 1330     Top 3%  4 Years Ago

Editor school newpaper
Art Club founder
Library Volunteer
NASA Intern
1st author
Presented study at International Conference

 SAT 840     Top 50%  5 Years Ago

I am currently a junior, my cumulative GPA is 3.0 and I have been involved in a variety of extra curricular activities during high school some in which include being an ambassador of the school during in my sophomore year, a reporter for the school's news publication in my junior year, and participating in a student-based after school tutoring program through my junior year.

 SAT 1290     Top 5%  5 Years Ago

State: DC

Program: English, Psychology, Education, math

Gender: Female

Activities: dance, community service, camp counselor, tutor

 SAT 1380     Top 20%  5 Years Ago

State: New Jersey

AP History
AP Psychology
Varsity Scholar 2011-2014
Weighted GPA 4.0
Marching Band (4 yrs)
Concert Band (4 yrs)
Jazz Band (4 yrs)
Wind Ensemble (4 yrs)

 SAT 1130     Top 10%  6 Years Ago

Founder-President Debate Society.
Founder Music society(Instructor)
Paint for Pakistan
The Childrens Foundation volunteer
Red Crescent Society volunteer

 SAT 1190     Top 3%  6 Years Ago

2 year captain football team. Lettered in football and track 2 years. Young scholars program. Fbla club. National honor society member. Gifted program

 SAT 1290     Top 20%  6 Years Ago

Vice President of Student Senate
Model United Nations
Junior States of America
National English Honor Society
Varsity Soccer
Varsity Indoor Track
Varsity Outdoor Track
National Honor Society

 SAT 1330     Top 30%  6 Years Ago

Varsity Tennis
THON Co-Head
Spanish Club (3 years)
Debate Club (1 year)
Special Olympics Volunteer (8 YearsLegacy YTE Volunteer (3 Years)

 SAT 1510     Top 20%  6 Years Ago

Leo Cub, reading buddies, senior tech help, AP scholar, People to People Student Ambassador

 SAT 1410     Top 3%  6 Years Ago

GPA 4.0
AP Pscyh 3
Honors Bio 2
Honors Chem 3
Alternate Grand Champion Science Fair 3
Science Fair 2
Debate 1, 2, 3
Mock Trial 3
Shakespeare Fest 1, 2, 3
Student Senate 2
Food Bank Volunteer 3
Johns Hopkins CTY 1

 SAT 1410     Top 3%  6 Years Ago

State: PA
graduate: 2015
Math: honors geometry, honors algebra 2, honors honors, pre Calc
AP Psych
Honors English: 3 years
Honors Bio, Chem
Alternate grand champion Sci Fair
Debate: 3 years
Mock Trial

GPA: 3.85

 SAT 1350     Top 5%  6 Years Ago

president Debater's club.
President Science club
Won best project at the National Science and tech fair
G.P.A 3.75
church activities
Vice president Science and Maths Quiz team.

 SAT 1020     Top 30%  7 Years Ago

ESOL mentorship program: mentor foreign kids and help them with their english skills
volunteer at food pantry: every tuesday and thursday for 2 years
employee @ food service/restaurant: employed for 2 years at Brueggers bagels
Varsity athlete: played varsity hockey all through out highschool and am currently playing in college
I am a transfer student with a 3.5 gpa

 SAT 1240     Top 10%  7 Years Ago

soccer 4 years
lacrosse 4 years
club soccer
club lacrosse
peer leader
community service leder

 SAT 1190     Top 10%  7 Years Ago

Cum Laude Award for Academic and Community excellence
Presidents Award for Academic Achievement 3 years running
High School Achievement award in Geometry Freshman year
High School Achievement award in Orchestra Freshman year
High School Achievement award in Athletics Freshman, Sophomore and Junior year
High School Achievement award in AP World History Sophomore year
High School Achievement award in Theory of Knowledge Junior year
College Book winner Wells University 2013
High Honor Roll throughout all four years of High School
National Honor Society
National Foreign Language Honor Society
President Reaching Out To Our Youth (R.O.T.O.Y.)Tutoring Program 2011-2014
Co-President Youth Volunteers of Harrison (YVH) 2013-2014
Participant Creativity Action Service (CAS) 2012-2014

 SAT 1250     Top 10%  7 Years Ago

3 years of DECA
3 years of varsity ice hockey
Ice hockey captain
Travel hockey captain
Operation smile member
Member of the geological society
Nhs member
Nhbs member

 SAT 1230     Top 1%  7 Years Ago

International student: Tunisia
soccer 4 years
School club:Chairman
Community Service 1300+
2 Online courses: earned certificates
Work 3 years.
speak 4 languages (English third).
top 1% nationwide in Tunisian Baccalaureate.

 SAT 1400     Top 5%  7 Years Ago

Model UN
Newspaper Articles
Coursera Online courses
School sports team
Home tutor

 SAT 1330     Top 20%  7 Years Ago

Pole Vault
Cross Country
Link Crew
Academic decathlon
master minds
GPA 4.0 unweighted
community service

 SAT 1080     Top 30%  7 Years Ago

GPA 3.8
AP US History, AP English 4, AP World History, AP Psych.
10 club swimmer
4 year varsity swimmer
Volunteers teaching swimming to children 50+ hours a year

 SAT 1060     Top 20%  7 Years Ago

Church teacher
Missions volunteer
High school mentor

 SAT 1060     Top 10%  7 Years Ago

Program: Medical
AP: US History, English Language, English Literature, Bio
GPA: 3.8
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Track (2 years)
- Science Club (3 years)
- Theater/Thespian (3 years)
- Marching Band (4 years)

 SAT 1230     Top 1%  7 Years Ago

soccer-pro level
Model United Nations
French-10th best in the country
Chess-4 years

 SAT 1030     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

Track and Field
Cross Country
Volunteering and Service

 SAT 1150     Top 40%  8 Years Ago

Varsity Basketball-4 Years
Varsity Softball- 4 Years
Environmental Proctor
Gym Proctor

 SAT 1480     Top 1%  8 Years Ago

Class president for five consecutive years
Student council president senior year
5 on AP Chem (only AP offered)
Sat ii: 800 chem, 700 math level 2
34 ACT composite
Lead in school productions for five years
Select choir member and frequent soloist
Track and cross country all star and captain for three years
First chair euphonium for four years in school band

 SAT 1150     Top 10%  8 Years Ago

Mock trial team, lawyer 3years
President sopmore class
French 6
Varsity cross country running
Volunteer town court

 SAT 1390     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

- Vice president of Glee Ams
- volunteer Global Leadership Activating Day
- Performer Operation smile
- organizer Camp Blast
- organizer Ams got talent

 SAT 1300     Top 10%  8 Years Ago

Acting-School Play, Main Role In School movie.
200 hours Community Service
Cricket team
Combined Cadet Forces
Duke Of Edinburgh Silver
Young Enterprise(Entrepreneurship Club)

 SAT 1390     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

State or Country: New Jersey
AP: Chem, Physics, Euro, US, Psychology, Stat, Lit
GPA: 3.8 unweighted 4.1 weighted
Gender: Male
Profile of Activities:
- member of one of, if not the best FTC Robotics team in the state ( 4 years )
- Rugby (4 years)
- CIT over summer going into Junior year
- National Honors Society
- Key Club ( 4 years)
- Founded a psychology/neuroscience group. we raise money for mental health organizations, organize for guest speakers to come in, etc
- Peer leader
- community service (probably about 100 hours)

 SAT 1450     Top 10%  8 Years Ago

writer for school newspaper
church service
volunteer for troops

 SAT 1350     Top 3%  8 Years Ago

Basketball team
Teacher Assistant
Internship at Hospital
Internship at NGO
Community Service(50)
Project Manager of an entity, Engineering Solution
Project Manager of entity, Nixor Hospital.

 SAT 930     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

Varsity Basketball
High School Leadership
Teen Community Organizer
Teen Entrepreneur

 SAT 1370     Top 5%  8 Years Ago

Girl scout gold award recipient
National honor society
NYSSMA Award Recipient
Marching Band 6 Years
Tutor for middle school students
German National Honor Society Vice Presidemt
Writer for school newspaper
Band Treasurer

 SAT 1200     Top 1%  8 Years Ago

Program: Computer Science

GPA: 4.0UW, 4.46W, I spend half the day at community college taking math and engineering classes, then 4 IBs at my high school.
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Golf Team co-captain (State champions)
- Very involved at The First Tee
- Played in 2012 Pebble Beach First Tee Open (81 accepted nationally through applications and interviews)
- Represented First Tee Chapter at Hank Haney Camp
- 9th Grade Academic Team
- NHS, Spanish Honor, Founder of school Math Club

 SAT 1170     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

Volleyball 4 years
Volunteer every saturdays, thursdays and sundays
Spanish, Math and Science Honor Society
Science Olympiad
Spanish Club

 SAT 1290     Top 10%  8 Years Ago

National Honor Society
Football Team
Basketball Team
Key Club
Spanish Honor Society
Church Youth Group
Annual Mission Trip

 SAT 1240     Top 10%  8 Years Ago

State: New York
GPA: 4.0
AP: Chem, US History, Trig, English, Spanish
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
National Honor Society
Varsity Tennis Captain 4 years
100 hours community service
Church lectern
Drama Club 4 years
Choir and choral 4 years

 SAT 1100     Top 3%  8 Years Ago

National Honor Society President
3.9-4.0 GPA
AP courses
Completely Bi-lingual
4 years of English High School Courses
$ years of Spanish High School Courses
400 + hrs. of community Service
Cross Country Team
Track and Field Team

 SAT 1270     Top 5%  8 Years Ago

State or Country: Maine

SAT II: Math I 650, US History 650
AP: Calculus 4, US History 4
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- National Honor Society
- National Art Honor Society
- History Club
- Debate Team

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