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 SAT 1180     Top 5%  6 Years Ago

Key club
Rachel's Challenge
Metec camp
Eagles landing
Church youth group
I have an autistic brother

 SAT 1030     Top 20%  7 Years Ago

1 year varsity golf
2 years varsity lacrosse
2 years of a job
11th grade AP US History
11th grade Honors- English, Anatomy
Marine Mission
Many church activites

 SAT 1370     Top 1%  8 Years Ago

Pope John Paul II High School, Class of 2013, 4.28 GPA, highest GPA in the grade
11th Grade- AP – Chemistry, English and Composition, United States History
Advanced- Spanish 3, Precalculus/trigonometry,
Intermediate Chorus, Journalism, Theology
10th Grade- AP - Probability and Statistics (only sophomore), European History
Advanced- Algebra II, Chemistry, English, Spanish II
Theology, Strength and Conditioning
9th Grade - Advanced- Geometry, Physics, History, English
Forensics, Theology, Spanish I, and Gym

Sophomore Year SAT scores: Math - 630, Writing - 620, Reading - 580
Sophomore AP Scores- AP Statistics-5, AP Euro-4

Duke University Talent Identification Program, June – July 2010
- Academic summer program, selective admission based on SAT scores
- “Apocalypse Soon” – College-level class taught by Dr. Patrick Jagoda, New Media Professor at the University of Chicago. Studied ideologies about the end of the world, researched Grey Goo Theory, created the concept for a new video game, wrote essay dissecting Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Cat’s Cradle.
- MVP of debate on the topic “Will climate change result in Apocalypse?” by suggesting a possible Ice Age
Georgetown University Summer College Studies, June 5- July 13 2011
- Selective academic summer program incorporating highschool students into underclassmen classes
- Attended International Relations class with adjunct professor Julia Lau Bertrand
- Received A- in class following essays over US relations with China, American Realism, and contructivist theorists

Mu Alpha Theta, 10th and 9th Grade
- Mathematics honors society, meet twice monthly to explore famous math contest problems
- President of Mu Alpha Theta Junior year
- As president, organize math contests held at school, increase membership, host middle school math nights

Metro Math League, JPII Math Team, 10th and 9th Grade
- Compete against Nashville’s best private schools, 20-question written tests on advanced statistics
- Competitions include: nationwide American Mathematics Competition, statewide Tennessee Mathematics Teachers Association Competition, regional competitions at JPII, Franklin HS, Brentwood HS, Ravenwood HS
- 2nd place in Statistics in State Math Competition at Vol State University as a Sophomore
- Co-captain of Math Team
Future Business Leaders of America, 10th grade
11th Grade- President of club, large % increase, competition, service projects…

Job Shadow 10th grade summer
- Shadowed Andrew de Montille, CEO of Rothstein Kass, an Investment Banking company in New York City, attended business proposal meetings based on new technologies, experienced stock tips, spoke with potential clients, met leaders of several companies in New York City

Part Time Job, Designer Knobs and Pulls
-Created inventory lists, researched rival company products, met with possible clients, attended trade show in Washington D.C. to survery possible inventory, assortment of manual labor, basic accounting, filing papers

Model United Nations, 10th Grade
- Won Best Delagate Award as Security Council member representing South Africa – debate topics: Sudan & Darfur, Mexican Drug Wars, Genocide in the Congo (Arkansas State, March, 2011)
- World Trade Organization member representing Greece – debate topics: Anti-dumping, US/China Trade Disputes, NAFTA (University of North Carolina, April, 2011
11th Grade
- Attending conferences at Vanderbilt University, Emory University, and Arkansas State
Debate Team, 9th Grade, 2-on-2 policy debate of topics including gun control, amnesty and immigration
- 4th Place in State Forensics tournament for debate

Student Senate, 10th Grade, Selected by classmates to plan social activities and solve community issues

Societas, 10th Grade, Honor Society that helps with admissions of new students, leads in prayer and service for the rest of the school, helps with Freshman Retreat, helps new students adapt into school, leads by example as leaders of the school


11th Grade—
- Low round in varsity golf match with 36 (Even Par) at Dogwood Hills
- Low round 29 (1 under) at Riverside
- Low Round 36 (Even par) at LongHollow
10th Grade –
- Tennessee Junior Tour Masters Division (4 highest division state-wide tournaments, low round 76)
- John Paul II High School Varsity Team (12-1 record)
- 4th place at Black Thorn at the Ridges Golf Tournament in Jonesborough, TN in All-American Junior Golf Tour
- MVP of city league basketball champions
9th Grade –
- Tennessee Junior Tour Team (6 state-wide tournaments, 2nd Place Finish at WillowBrook Tournament)
- John Paul II High School Junior Varsity Team (4-0 record)
- Freshman Basketball Team (10-1 record)

Goodlettsville Help Center, 10th and 9th Grade
- Help with distribution (pricing clothes and medicine, unloading crates, organizing inventory, allocating donations based on needs)
- Worked with Marketing for the JPII Golf Tournament, attempting to increase the amount of players

Evacuated Nashville flood victims their homes and collected food for those affected by it

 SAT 1100     Top 60%  8 Years Ago

4 year varsity cross country, captain
4 year varsity track
FBLA president
freshmen student president
Newspaper sports editor
1 summer job
MLB member

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