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 SAT 870     Top 10%  3 Years Ago

State or Country: New York

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering..
SAT II: Chemistry 700, Physics 720, US History 650
AP: Chem 5, Physics 4, Bio 4..
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Feale

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Ultimate Frisbee, 2 years
- Yearbook (Editor, 2 yrs)
- Musical Theatre Award Winner (1 year)
- Band (2 years)
-Audition Choir (4 years)
- IB Classes: Spanish, English, History, Theatre, Theory of Knowledge, Physics, Calculus
-Preschool teacher assistant
-stage manager for middle school
-Work outside of school 10 hrs/week
-100 hours of community service
-assistant camp counselor

 SAT 1170     Top 50%  3 Years Ago

126 hours of community service
4 years dedication to Tzu Shao organization
6 years music(Baritone)
summer business internship in Taipei,Taiwan
6 AP courses 2 completed(AP Art History, AP Chinese) 4 taking(AP Physics, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science, AP Government)
4 years of French
3 years Marching Band(Baritone Section Leader)
Math Level 2 Subject: 680
Physics Subject: 660
Fluent in Chinese
3 years French Club

 SAT 1190     Top 3%  6 Years Ago

Ethnicity: Mexican-American. GPA: 3.85. Marching Band, 4 years. Drumline Section Leader, 2 years. Jazz Band, 2 years. Leader of Jazz Band, 1 year. Math Level 2 Subject: 690. Currently taking 3 APs: Physics, Calculus BC, Govt.

 SAT 1270     Top 20%  6 Years Ago

choir 4 years
section leader
kiwanis voice competition placed 2 years; honorable mention 1 year
mentor to Middle school theatre
work at a job outside of school 20 hrs/week
school newspaper

 SAT 1150     Top 40%  6 Years Ago

Speech and Debate team, 4 years
Competitive drama team, 2 years
Club founder and president Free Thinking Student Union
187 hours of community service
summer program in Istanbul, Turkey
6 AP courses 2 completed (AP Psych, AP History) 4 taking (English lit,physics,calculus, economics/gov)
published poet
U.S copyright on song music and lyrics
attended technology workshop at Microsoft headquarters

 SAT 1460     Top 20%  6 Years Ago

ACT is 35 composite, 31 combined english writing

junior 1 year food bank soon to start operation kindness
National latin honor society 1 year
Summa cum laude, maxima cum laude, magna cum laude junior, sophomore, freshman year national latin exam
Award of merit junior reflections award of merit and award of excellence sophomore reflections
4 on ap world history

 SAT 1280     Top 10%  6 Years Ago

1. Leader of History Club (Grade 9 and 10)
2. Grade 9 History Award and Grade 10 History Award
3. Awarded "Most reputed tutee" award in class.
4. Vice Chair of Bombay Leprosy Project (helps fundraise for lepers in Bombay) (Grade 10)
5. Recently became Chairman of Bombay Leprosy Project (in school) (Grade 11-12)
6. Short term member of SHILPA GC (group supporting a school for the mentally disabled in India)
7. Member of the School Ambassador Committee (helps look after new students, organize school events, student body communications)
8. Member of the forum committee (helps organize forums regarding contemporary topics, world issues, economic problems in school)
9. Previously worked as a journalist for two school magazines.

1. NYAA Bronze Award
2. NYAA Silver Award
3. NYAA Gold Award

NYAA Bronze trip: Pulao Ubin Island (Trekking on island)
NYAA Silver Trip: Hong Kong (Trekking in mountains)
NYAA Gold Trip: Perth (Trekking in mountains)
Discover Korea Expedition: Seoul (Trekking in mountains)
Chiang Mai (Thailand): White Water Rafting
Tioman (Indonesia): Kayaking

1. Tennis experience of almost 7 years (2 years on school team)
2. 1st degree black belt in karate. Likely to be 2nd degree black belt by the time applications start. Almost 6 years experience so far. Style is influenced by taekwondo and so I am able to perform many kicks.
3. Hindustani Classical Vocal Music training for 5 years. Also participated in group performances at cultural festivals in Singapore.
4. Learning Chinese outside of school.
5. I am fluent in 4 languages: English, Hindi, Marathi(Indian dialect) and Chinese (relatively fluent).

 SAT 1370     Top 20%  6 Years Ago


Program: Physics
SAT: 2050
AP Eng 4, Physics 4, Am. History 4, Calculus 4, Biology 4
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Male
Top 10 %

Profile of Activities:
National Honor Society
Gifted Piano

 SAT 1330     Top 20%  7 Years Ago

Varsity Lacrosse Captain- 2 years
Varsity Soccer
Worked 20 Hrs. a week for two months in the summer moving lawns.

 SAT 1410     Top 20%  7 Years Ago

technical theatre - at least 20 hours a week
model un
9 ap classes in three years(graduating early) with 5s on the four exams taken so far
4.36 weighted gpa
volunteer work
various clubs
involvement in environmental/social/political activism
770 sat II us history

 SAT 1150     Top 50%  7 Years Ago

State or Country: New York

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering..
SAT II: Chemistry 700, Physics 720, US History 650
AP: Chem 5, Physics 4, Bio 4..
GPA: 2.8
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Marching Band (Flute Section Leader, 4 yrs)
- Symphonic Band (2nd Chair, 2 yrs)
- Environmental Club (1 yr)

 SAT 1200     Top 1%  7 Years Ago

environmental club, youth volunteer corps, senior advocates, drug and alcohol free (trading cards), symphonic band, art club, naturalist in training

 SAT 1230     Top 3%  7 Years Ago

State or Country: California

Program: Anthropology, Science, History
SAT II: Spanish 800, US History 760
AP: Euro 4
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Marching Band (4 years)
- Drum Major (2 years)
- Section Leader (2 years)
- Woodwind captain (2 years)
- Concert band/Wind Ensemble (4 years)
- first chair clarinet (3 years in wind ensemble, 2 years in concert band)
- 1st chair bass clarinet (1 year in wind ensemble, 2 years in concert band
- Band Council (3 years)
- Band Representative
- Treasurer
- Vice President
- Science Olympiad (1 year)
- Pride Club (2 years)
- Scripps College Academy Scholar (2 years)

 SAT 1470     Top 30%  7 Years Ago

2 years choir
1 year band
2 years drama
AP: US History (3), AP Calc AB(4 or 5), AP Calc BC (4 or 5)
Bowling 3 yrs (avg 180)
Started Musicians Club
Member of Bowling Club, Jewish Student Union, LARP
Skipped one year of Spanish
Took first year algebra in 5th grade
GPA compromised by diabetes and ADHD
Written 30 songs
Piano 12 yrs (out of practice)
Guitar 2 yrs
Saxophone 6 yrs (out of practice)
Drums 1 yr
Singing 2 yrs
Flute 1 yr (out of practice)
IQ of 150
Perfect score on Wonderlic test (took official full length practice test on Internet)
Perfect pitch (prevalent in 1 out of 10,000 people or even less)

 SAT 1510     Top 1%  7 Years Ago

State or Country: Department of Defense Dependent Schools, Wiesbaden, Germany

Program: Writing, Journalism, Broadcast Journalism

AP: US Hist, 4; Composition 5; Statistics, 4; Literature 5; Government, 5
GPA: 3.85
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Tennis (3 years)
- Student Government (2 years)
- Brain Bowl (1 year)
- Band (4 years)
--Drama (2 years)
--National Junior Humanities and Science Symposium (1 year, Poster Presenter)
--Video Productions (Student News Anchor, Writer, Producer)
--International Student Leadership Institute (Junior Year Recipient)
--Maytag Career and College Scholarship Recipient (Junior Year)

 SAT 1380     Top 30%  7 Years Ago

football captain
debate captain
service to jewish community
youth football coaching

 SAT 1410     Top 30%  8 Years Ago

Varsity Track and Field 2 out of 4 years
Volunteering at Hospital
Volunteering at Senior Citizen Home
Piano Advanced Level 10
Black Belt in MMA
Summer Internship at UCSF
Job at McDonalds
8 ap classes

 SAT 1390     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

Varsity Track and Field 2 out of 4 years
Volunteering at Hospital
Volunteering at Senior Citizen Home
Piano Advanced Level 10
Black Belt in MMA
Summer Internship at UCSF
Job at McDonalds
8 ap classes

 SAT 1400     Top 30%  8 Years Ago

museum volunteer
key club
national honor society
A.S.I.S officer
varsity quiz
sun youth forum
in home career giver for disabled

 SAT 1430     Top 5%  8 Years Ago

Public speaking 2 years
internship 2 months
school bank 3 months
student run canteen 2 months

 SAT 1400     Top 30%  8 Years Ago

Assistant Editor school paper
Treasurer French Club
National Honor Society
Film Club
Literary Journal
Mock Trial
Model UN
Bell Choir

 SAT 1440     Top 3%  8 Years Ago

national honor society
recycling club
adventure club, president
literary magazine
peer academic tutoring

 SAT 1250     Top 30%  8 Years Ago

Legal Outreach,
World Quest Club Vice President
NYHQ Volunteer
Ice Skating,

 SAT 1500     Top 10%  8 Years Ago

Policy Debater: Qualified to Nationals twice, Policy Captain, Placed First at 5-A State Championship

Organized gay-rights groups in Utah


3-week Debate research sessions during summers

Saving money to become a social worker in Afghanistan

 SAT 1330     Top 1%  8 Years Ago

aesthetic theory reading group
co-founder of music club
Peer Mentor
Volunteering on organic farm

 SAT 1400     Top 50%  8 Years Ago

480 hrs volunteering with Art Gallery

500 hrs. volunteering with Cancer Society

Model UN

 SAT 1400     Top 30%  8 Years Ago

WOrk x 4 years
Debate co-captain
Started scientific club
Extensive volunteer experience

 SAT 1420     Top 40%  8 Years Ago

JSA, Debate Team, Scholastic Bowl, Student Government, Boy Scouts, Staff at Leadership Camp
8 AP's

 SAT 1430     Top 40%  8 Years Ago

President of Amnesty International
National Merit Semifinalist
President of Vegetarian Club
Campus Entertainment Committee

 SAT 1150     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

4 Years Theatre
3 Years Varsity XC
4 Years Guitar
1 Year Rock Climbing
2 Years School Charity Events
3 Years Humanitarian Action Committee
3 Years Debate

 SAT 1070     Top 30%  10 Years Ago

Baby sitting
French for 5 years
Traveled to France independantly.
Work experience as a receptionist and a lab assistant at a dental office;

Applicant Profile by Thinker2014

 SAT 1210     Top 5%  10 Years Ago

VARSITY DEBATE TEAM: four years, two-year district competitor, state qualifier, state bronze medalist, tournaments every weekend; NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE: four years, three-year district competitor, rank of four rubies, 1004 points; SPEECH AND DEBATE CLUB: president, four years, very heavy involvement, run prep tournament every year; NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY; University Interscholastic League Elite 100 Student; YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB: Vice President; SPANISH CLUB: two years; BAND: four years, one-year All-Region musician, two-year Solo & Ensemble competitor, state qualifier; MARCHING BAND: four years, squad leader; "Who's Who" of my high school - six juniors and six seniors chosen by faculty; All possible honors classes and AP courses (every class is honors or AP, except two or three); Class Rank: 8 of 223; GPA is 3.9 unweighted; Top 4%

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