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 SAT 1380     Top 20%  5 Years Ago

Chorus 9-12
select ensemble 10-12
chorus manager 11
Executive board Orchestra 12
orchestra 10-12
Latin honor society
thespian Honor Society
TriM honor society
Manhattan College Summer Institute for Engineering 10
Stevens Institute of technology summer institute 11
Carnegie Hall-invited performer
Perry Out reach Bellevue Hospital
Internship Essex Youth Theater 10-11

 SAT 1190     Top 3%  5 Years Ago

varsity basketball & Football 3 year letter winner
Class President
PA Free Enterprise week
Volunteer trip to Peru

 SAT 1110     Top 20%  6 Years Ago

State: New Jersey
Ethnicity: Latina

SAT: 530(CR) 550(math) 590(CW)
AP:English(4) taking AP chemistry and AP Spanish next year
GPA: 4.0
Geneder: female

Profile of Activities:
Varsity Softball (4 years)
Color guard (3 years)
Spanish Honors Society (3 years)
Math tutor (2 years)
Alley Cat Allies Volunteer (2 years)
Field of Dreams Volunteer (3 years)

 SAT 1500     Top 1%  6 Years Ago

Captain Math Team.
Captain Baseball Team.
Officer NHS.
400 hours service
Perfect scores on SAT Math (twice) SAT MathII, ACT Math, SAT Physics.
AP Scholar with Distinction.

 SAT 1400     Top 3%  6 Years Ago

class of 2015
National Honor Society
Debate 1 2 3
Mock trial 3
Students against destructive decisions 1
Model Senate 2
Shakespeare Fest 1 2 3
Community Service 40 hours
AP Pscyh 3
Honors Geometry
Honors PreCalc
Honors Algebra 2
Honors Bio
Honors Chem
Honors English 1 2 3
Spainish 1 2 3
JHU Center for Talented Youth

 SAT 1330     Top 5%  7 Years Ago

National Honor Society President
Class Vice President
Math Club Vice President
Science Club President
World Language Club Vice President
Tutors High school students
Tutors 5th graders
Volunteer at the old folks home

 SAT 1330     Top 5%  7 Years Ago

National Honor Society President
Class Vice President
Math Club Vice President
Science Club President
World Language Club Vice President
Tutors High school students
Tutors 5th graders
Volunteer at the old folks home

 SAT 1330     Top 5%  7 Years Ago

National Honor Society President
Class Vice President
Math Club Vice President
Science Club President
World Language Club Vice President
Tutors High school students
Tutors 5th graders
Volunteer at the old folks home

 SAT 1490     Top 3%  7 Years Ago

State or Country: Washington

SAT II: US History 680
AP: US History 5, Human Geography 5, French 4, English Language 4, Calculus AB 4
GPA: 4.0
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Drama (Thespian, 4 yrs)

 SAT 1350     Top 1%  7 Years Ago

Ronald Mcdonald Teen Board Vice president national honor society varsity volleyball 2 years varsity tennis 3 years French club interactive club tutor state representative for high school

 SAT 1170     Top 50%  7 Years Ago

Two years weekend Jewish studies program
Two summer programs in Israel
Improv club

 SAT 1330     Top 40%  7 Years Ago

eagle scout
national honor society
junior member social action at synagogue
volunteer humane society

 SAT 1450     Top 10%  7 Years Ago

4.1 weighted GPA
school newspaper staff
National Honor Society
Reading olympics 4 years
school literary magazine staff
hospital volunteer

 SAT 1380     Top 5%  8 Years Ago

Tennis club
Science club
Orchestra French Horn
Rugby Team
Track Team
Tesla Coil project
Vice-President for Science Club
Organizer for School Science Festival

 SAT 1450     Top 1%  8 Years Ago

Key club treasurer
Green club Vice president
Moot court
Mock trial
Sat chemistry 750
Sat biology 700
3 years of part time job in accounting office
more than 200 hours of community services

 SAT 1180     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

gifted education,national honor society, national honor society of scholastic scholars,missions trip to Panama, missions trip for camp at old mill, lettered in varsity girls basketball (2 years),high honor roll, ap courses,church youth group,

 SAT 1410     Top 10%  8 Years Ago

prefect and sports captain in high school.
member of editorial board - Focus magazine
won Brain Hunt - General Knowledge Competition
regular contributor to in-school magazine
member of acapella group in school
volunteered with mentally challenged adults for 2 years.

 SAT 1160     Top 30%  8 Years Ago

average GPA: 3.6
I do the IB Programme and take higher level classes in Economics Physics and History
and standard level classes in English French and Math
my strengths are Math and Economics
live in Ghana but i am a US citizen
go to one of the best high schools in the country
i am particularly interested in music and as such i play the piano and i am in two of my school choirs
i take a particular interest also in debating and science.
i am in my school science club and i have been a leader in the club for two, PRO and then Head Researcher
i have done international programs like an MUN conference in Spain and a Global Young Leaders Conference in the US
i was one of the few chosen to design my school's Alumni network where we put together a database of contact information of alumni

 SAT 1540     Top 60%  8 Years Ago

PoBox 8

I'm current studing at NMMU

 SAT 1370     Top 10%  8 Years Ago

State or Country: California

AP: American History, Calculus AB, Physics,
GPA: 3.78
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Lacrosse (2 yrs)
- Horses (10 yrs)
- Georgetown U college courses
- Mock Trial (1 yrs)

 SAT 1040     Top 40%  8 Years Ago

I am on the Swim team, I lived oversees for 7 years, I speak 3 languages fluently. I am doing the International Baccalaureate. I participate in LearnServe International. I have a club at school called Culture 2 Children. I will be doing 2 community service trips this summer-one will be to Zambia, the other to India. I also volunteered at a summer camp for pre-schoolers during last summer.

 SAT 1330     Top 1%  8 Years Ago

varsity volleyball (3 years)
key club (2 years)
national honor society (2 years)
sophomore honor society (officer)
church volunteer

 SAT 1270     Top 10%  8 Years Ago

eagle scout
track and field 9-12 captain in 12
cross country 9-12
winter track 10-12 captain 11-12
editor of school newspaper
national honor society 11 -12
latin honor society 9-12
contributor of school's publication
volunteer helping seniors in clean up

 SAT 1350     Top 5%  8 Years Ago

GPA: 4.3 (weighted), 4.0 (unweighted)
AP: US History, English Literature, English Composition, Econ/Gov, Calculus AB, Art
Piano Lessons
Editor-in-Chief of nationally recognized paper
Peer Mentor
Helped found Journalism program for at risk youth

 SAT 1460     Top 3%  8 Years Ago

National Honor Society
Big Brothers Big Sisters
President of Film Club
Co-Captain of Swim Team

 SAT 1310     Top 1%  8 Years Ago

honor societies
ap english 5
yearbook editor
princeton model congress
summer at brown u
college credit in french
avid tutor

 SAT 1390     Top 30%  8 Years Ago

-Soccer (Varsity 4 years, captain)
-Track and Field (Varsity 4 years)
-Theatre (10th & 11th Grade)
-Lead in show (10th grade-11th grade)
-4th in State "Job Interview"
-Model U.N
-Year Book
-Excellence in English, Acting, Global History
-ASP Mission Trip
-Younglife Leader
-Wyldlife Leader
-Volunteer Soccer Coach
-Volunteer at Soup Kitchen
-Acting Mentor
-Italian Poetry Festival
-Silver Medal
-7 Years of Guitar
-3 years of Piano
-1 year of Violin
-Club Soccer for 12 years
-Started on team that was #15 in the Country
-Improvisation Club

 SAT 1050     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

World Affairs Club- 10th-12th grade
Kick Boxing- 11th grade
Pathfinder Staff-9th-12th grade
Cooking Club-12th grade
Girls Inc. - 11th grade

World Affairs Club- 10th-12th grade
Kick Boxing- 11th grade
Pathfinder Staff-9th-12th grade
Cooking Club-12th grade
Girls Inc. - 11th grade
Fox Chase Cancer Center- 11th grade
International Student Summit- 12th grade
Garden Club (unpaid)-11th-12th grade
Mural Corps (paid) - 11th-12th grade

 SAT 1310     Top 3%  9 Years Ago

President Athletic Council
Peer Tutoring Program Tutor
Mentorship program participant
Varsity girls soccer-4 years (captain)
Senior girls basketball-2 years
Junior girls basketball-2 years
youth group general member
summer camp councelor for local community
recreation program instructor for local community centre

 SAT 1530     Top 30%  9 Years Ago

moved schools between 9th and 10th
School Newspaper (staff writer) 9,11
School Newspaper (news editor) 12
School Literary Magazine (editor) 11, 12
School Science Journal (Biology editor) 10, 11, 12
NHS member 11,12
CSF member 11, 12
Track and Field (pole-vaulter) 10
Drama Club 9,10,11,12
Backstage theater 11, 12
Actor 9

 SAT 1430     Top 5%  9 Years Ago

president of creative writing club
french honor society
national honor society
piano for 10 years

 SAT 1300     Top 20%  9 Years Ago

Eagle Scout, Piano, Select Choir, Mens Acapella, Football, Catholic Youth League Basketball, Rugby

 SAT 1220     Top 3%  9 Years Ago

honors band 4 years
sec national honor society
historian key club
team captain relay for life
hospital volunteer 4 hours weekly for four years

 SAT 1290     Top 10%  9 Years Ago

Spanish Club Vice President 2 years
Volunteer at Children's Hospital 1 year
JV Soccer 1 year
Varsity Soccer 1 year
Volunteer in UC Davis ADHD Research Lab
Part-time Job 4 years

 SAT 1490     Top 1%  9 Years Ago

cross country,
honor society,

 SAT 1330     Top 20%  9 Years Ago

Orchestra all 4 years
Lacrosse all 4 years
Cross Country (Captain)
Winter Track
Leader in youth Minister
Brought Bridges Charity chapter to HS, co-chair
Employed at local business

 SAT 1510     Top 5%  9 Years Ago

4 years baseball starter (captain sr year)
4 years of chorus
2 years as piano accompanist for various school functions
2 years of service project leadership (led a book drive last and this year)
60 hours of volunteering this past summer
co founder of schools composition club
DIRECTED a student run musical this past summer

 SAT 1370     Top 10%  9 Years Ago

Model United Nations
Prom Committee Senior Executive Director
School Spirit Council Member
Service Organization Core Member
National Honor Society Member
Habitat for Humanity Core Member

 SAT 1190     Top 10%  9 Years Ago

Chorus, volunteer at Thrift store, Tutoring lower grades, Theater group,church choir, youth club, writer of articles,Accelerated reading certs, Recyclying Go Green Project-Make a difference, Poster Design,Architecture Summer camp JKCP at U Penn,July 2011

 SAT 1330     Top 10%  9 Years Ago

Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Chorale, Camerata, Vice-President of Chorus, Vice-President of Band, Golf Team, Track Team Manager, Assisting Minister, Church Choir, Drama Club, Student Tutoring, Peer Mediation, Girl Scouts, Girl Scout Silver Award Recipient, National Honor Society

 SAT 1270     Top 30%  9 Years Ago


 SAT 1290     Top 1%  9 Years Ago

National Honor Society
Key Club
Varsity Soccer
Varisty Track
Varisty Lacrosse
Volunteer Service

 SAT 1340     Top 10%  9 Years Ago

Varsity Golf, National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Boy's State

 SAT 1420     Top 1%  9 Years Ago

best buddies
national honor society
volunteer at nursing homes
bowling team
special olympics

 SAT 1450     Top 3%  9 Years Ago

drama club, Amnesty International, literary magazine editorial board, volunteer at senior community, art appreciation society, National Spanish Honor Society, National Honor Society

 SAT 1400     Top 1%  9 Years Ago

President of National Honor Society, Debate team Captain, National Qualified Speech Team, State Science Fair Champion

 SAT 1460     Top 3%  9 Years Ago

DECA: board member, national competitor
Relay for Life: Event co-chair
Federal Reserve Challenge
National Honor Society
150 hours community service
IB Diploma Program

 SAT 1360     Top 3%  9 Years Ago

drama club, literary magazine editorial board, Amnesty International, art appreciation society, a cappella club

Applicant Profile by Thinker2014

 SAT 1210     Top 5%  11 Years Ago

VARSITY DEBATE TEAM: four years, two-year district competitor, state qualifier, state bronze medalist, tournaments every weekend; NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE: four years, three-year district competitor, rank of four rubies, 1004 points; SPEECH AND DEBATE CLUB: president, four years, very heavy involvement, run prep tournament every year; NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY; University Interscholastic League Elite 100 Student; YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB: Vice President; SPANISH CLUB: two years; BAND: four years, one-year All-Region musician, two-year Solo & Ensemble competitor, state qualifier; MARCHING BAND: four years, squad leader; "Who's Who" of my high school - six juniors and six seniors chosen by faculty; All possible honors classes and AP courses (every class is honors or AP, except two or three); Class Rank: 8 of 223; GPA is 3.9 unweighted; Top 4%

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