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Vanderbilt University     
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 SAT 1010     Top 30%  4 Months Ago

GPA: 3.67

Freshman Classes:
Spanish 2 Honors
Geometry Honors
Humanities 9
Design Fundamentals
Health 1

Sophomore Classes:
Chemistry Honors
Spanish 3 Honors
Algebra 2 Honors
Humanities 10
Engineering and Prototyping

Junior Classes:
AP Biology
Honors Pre-Calculus BC
Spanish 4 Honors
Marketing and Prototyping Honors
Professional Writing Honors
Economics and Business Honors
Digital Photography
US History 2

Senior Classes:
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
AP English Language and Compisition
Honors Modern and Computational Physics
US History 1
1990ís History
Game Theory
Introduction to Investments
Computer Science I
Computer Science II

4-Year Letterman in Baseball
1000 Flight Sim Hours in a Virtual Airline

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