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 SAT 620     Top 50%  14 Months Ago

State or Country: Texas

Program: Arts and Science; Criminology and Criminal Justice
GPA: 3.6
Gender: Female

-National Honors Society (1 yr)
-Junior Achievement (Volunteer, 3 yrs)
-Yearbook ( Editor, 1 yr)
- Interact Club (Volunteer, 2 yrs)

 SAT 660     Top 20%  4 Years Ago

President of TAFE club. A member of Asl club. Takes Ap English and social studies courses. Has taken 5 sciences. Took 2 years of French and 3 years of asl

 SAT 710     Top 50%  4 Years Ago

State or Country: Texas

Program: Communication Sciences and Disorders, Deaf Education Track
P-AP: English I/II, World History, Chemistry, Spanish III, Algebra, Geometry
AP: English III/IV, US History, Psychology
GPA: 3.5
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
-President of FCCLA (2 years)
-Childcare (3 years)
-Theatre (4 years)
-Lead and supporting roles in various theatre productions
-Oral Interpretation Team
-Playwright (script was selected for a One-Act Play)
-Office job, part-time (1 year)
-Volunteer work (400 hours)
-Regular church activities (2-4/week)
-Church worship team (1 year)
-Excelling despite living with: an Eating Disorder, "severe" ADHD, PTSD, "mild" Sensory Processing Disorder, "severe" Depression, both "moderate" Generalized and Social Anxiety Disorders, Dependent Personality Disorder, and Fibromyalgia

-Neither my family nor I knew I had any of these diagnoses until long after I started college

-Texas Woman's University covered all of my tuition that was not covered by Federal Aid because of my academic performance in high school and college

-I graduated in 2014 with a 3.7 GPA

-I went into a treatment center at age 22 because I went through high school and college without getting real help

Look back at my school rank and my SAT score (which I adjusted to the scoring scales of today). I'm of above-average intelligence, but I don't test well and went to a very competitive school; however, I was still accepted into every school I applied to and my academic performance was honored with grants and scholarships (I never applied for any)

You can do this. ALL of you will get into a great school and you all have bright futures--you don't need to compare yourselves to the people around you

Take care of yourselves. You can break.

 SAT 580     Top 50%  6 Years Ago

Student Council
Future Business Leaders of America
African Student Association
National Art Honor Society
Tri-M Music Society
Varsity Choir
Orlu Youth Association

 SAT 910     Top 20%  7 Years Ago

Program: Biology
GPA: 3.27
Gender: Female
AP Classes: English III, English IV, U.S. History, World History, Government
SAT: Writing 440, Critical Reading 460, Math 470.
Profile of Activities
Choir 2yrs
HOSA 1yr
Clinical Rotation 1yr
Drill Team 1yr
Class Officer 4yrs
Student Council 4yrs
Fashion Club (Vice President) 2yrs

 SAT 990     Top 40%  7 Years Ago

Certified Nurse Assistant
Youth Impact member
Higher Ground: Servant Leadership alumni
YoungLife member
Boys and Girls Club volunteer

 SAT 1170     Top 80%  7 Years Ago

Advanced Orchestra, church orchestra, Chorale, Church choir, children's and adult, San Antonio Youth Chorale, mission trips to Guatemala and Eagle Pass

 SAT 830     Top 50%  7 Years Ago

I was a 4 year Varsity lettermen in Track, Football, and Chorus. I have a 3.4 GPA.

 SAT 850     Top 30%  8 Years Ago

Volunteer work for Mission ofArlington
Strong passion for misic and singing and writing songs

 SAT 980     Top 30%  8 Years Ago

In magnet program, 80+hours community service, in robotics, took 3 AP classes so far, junior

 SAT 910     Top 50%  8 Years Ago

Track, cross country, key club and national art honor society and also volunteer at hospital.

 SAT 830     Top 40%  9 Years Ago

-Writer/editor for school newspaper(3 years)
-Ready Set Teach (student teacher)
-Spanish(3 years)
-Member of Family Careers Community Leaders of America
-Poet Performer
-creative writing (4 years)

 SAT 740     Top 30%  9 Years Ago

Band for two years
AP Art
Interact Club
Basketball 1 year
Art two years
Student council 1 year
Over 200 volunteer hours

 SAT 930     Top 50%  9 Years Ago

Track and field 9th-12th
Varsity captain of track
Fashion club member
Student senate member
FCCLA vice president
Youth group leader

 SAT 920     Top 20%  9 Years Ago

Color guard, theatre productions, children's production, thespian society, french national honor society, winter guard, band, band leadership, key club

 SAT 920     Top 20%  9 Years Ago

Color guard, winter guard, band leadership, key club, thespian society, French national honor society, children's production

 SAT 690     Top 30%  9 Years Ago

State: Texas

Program: College of Music (music education, compostition or conducting)

GPA: 3.3
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
-Band(Drum Major for 1 year, Section leader for 1 year. In band for 4 years)
-PRIDE Award for Respect
-Most Outstanding Symphonic I Member
Crimestoppers(3 years
-Student Council(3 years)
-Senior Exec.(3 years)
-Law and Criminal Justice Academy (4 years)
-Outstanding Law Enforcement Member

 SAT 1080     Top 20%  9 Years Ago

Choir (3 years)
Key Club (2 years)
ASL club (2 years)
Volunteer hours and community service

 SAT 1080     Top 30%  9 Years Ago

State or Country: Texas

Program: Photojournalisam

GPA: 3.5
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Volleyball (2 yrs)
- Yearbook (Editor, 1 yr)
- Photojournalism (1 yr)

 SAT 1200     Top 20%  9 Years Ago

State or Country: Virginia

Program: French, Business, Engineering.
AP: APES 4,English 4, Gov't 4,European History 5, French 1
GPA: 3.9
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Cross Country (Co-Captain, 4 yrs)
- Yearbook (1 yrs)
- French Club (3 yrs)
- Stage Managment (2 yrs)
- Monroe Scholar (4 yrs)
- Best French Student (2 yrs)

 SAT 1210     Top 20%  9 Years Ago

State or Country: Texas

AP: English Language and Composition, U.S. History, World History, Environmental Science
GPA: 3.67
Gender: Male

Profile of Activites:
- Philosophy Debate (1 year)
- Policy Debate (2 years)
- Persuasive Speaking (2 years)
- Band (6 years)
- French Horn Quartet (3 years)

 SAT 1190     Top 40%  9 Years Ago

State or Country: New York

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering..
SAT II: Chemistry 700, Physics 720, US History 650
AP: Chem 5, Physics 4, Bio 4..
GPA: 4.0
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
AP art (painting)
- 2nd place district
- 1st place stockshow

 SAT 1330     Top 10%  9 Years Ago

State or Country: Texas

Program: undecided
AP: World History 5
GPA: 4.0
Gender: Female

Profile of Activities:
- Yearbook (Senior Ads Coordinator, 3 yrs)
- Quill and Scroll National Honor Society Member
- Spanish Honor Society member

 SAT 1250     Top 5%  9 Years Ago

Student Council
National Honor Society
Varsity Basketball
Middle School Musical Assistant Director
Chapel Committee

 SAT 1190     Top 30%  9 Years Ago

Communities in Schools
Catholic Youth Organization
Blessed Sacrament Church Volunteer

 SAT 1090     Top 30%  9 Years Ago

Marching Band
All Region Band
Symphony Orchestra
Youth Symphony Orchestra
Percussion section leader
Percussion Captain
1 ratings at Solo and Ensemble

 SAT 830     Top 20%  9 Years Ago


 SAT 1130     Top 20%  9 Years Ago

Eagle scout.
Presidential letter of approval for volunteer hours.
Varsity golf, lettered in golf.
Debate team.
Ordained youth elder.
Youth group.
3 mission trips

 SAT 1250     Top 1%  10 Years Ago

Swimming (4 years)
Swim team captain (2 Years)
National honor society (2 Years)
Orchestra (1 Year)
Community service (300+ hours)

 SAT 790     Top 50%  10 Years Ago

track and field
student government
senior class vice president
interact club
mens basketball manager
green cord/community service

 SAT 970     Top 40%  10 Years Ago

Track & Field
Cross Country
Leadership East Texas - 2 years
Community Service

 SAT 810     Top 40%  10 Years Ago

Varsity Basketball
Varsity Track
Varsity Football
Drama Club
Church Organzitions

 SAT 910     Top 50%  10 Years Ago

Marching Band, Dance, Football, Baseball, Volunteer Community Service, Church Hours

 SAT 870     Top 40%  10 Years Ago

band. softball. full orchestra. track. national society of high school scholars. HOSA

 SAT 890     Top 40%  10 Years Ago

interact club
Spirit clubs such as pink panthers,baseball babes

 SAT 1430     Top 10%  10 Years Ago

President of choir
Secretary of national honor society
All state vocal solo & ensemble - highest rating
Co-editor section of yearbook - sophomore year
Academic letter in ready writing sophomore year
Regionsl science bowl team member
Volunteer at children's hospital & local museum

 SAT 660     Top 80%  10 Years Ago

church choir, speech and debate, lifeteen (youth group for teens), altar server, lector at church,just faith (social issues),volleyball manager.

 SAT 1350     Top 1%  10 Years Ago

Boy Scouts, Over 30 hours community service a year, President of NHS, Head Drum Major, 1 in State Solo, All Region band 4 years in a row.

 SAT 810     Top 50%  10 Years Ago

President of Spanish club 9th grade
Member of the history club 9th grade
Student council 9th grade
Captain of football team all 4 years
Varsity captain 3 years in football
Varsity track fresman year
Ran track two years
Played baseball 9th grade
Played basketball 9th grade
Volunteer work at school

 SAT 1320     Top 5%  10 Years Ago

academic decathlon
international baccalaurate
key club
H.O.P.E tutor
national honor society

 SAT 1150     Top 20%  10 Years Ago

9 Bands throught High School career
4 Choirs throughout High School career
Varsity Volleyball 2 years
Assistant Drum Major
Brass Captain
Winterguard 3 years(Co-captain for 1)
Oakland Youth Orchestra
Diablo Wind Symphony

 SAT 940     Top 30%  10 Years Ago

-4 years Marching Band
-3 years Jazz Band
-4 years varsity tennis
-Robotics team programmer
-2 years Low Brass Section Leader
-7 years Baritone/2 years trombone
-2 years football

 SAT 1230     Top 70%  10 Years Ago

Community Service (Volunteer)
Honor Guard
Raider Team
Drill Team
Rifle Team

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