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 SAT 750     Top 10%  1 Month Ago

Stage Crew
National Honor Society
Teen Adventure Camp
Environmental Leadership Program

 SAT 1280     Top 1%  6 Years Ago

AP US History: 5
AP World History: 5
Student Council
History Award
National Honor Society
Skills USA

 SAT 1010     Top 50%  6 Years Ago

Football, Golf, Eagle Scout, Class Council, DECA, Outdoor Adventure Club, and Youth to Youth

 SAT 1000     Top 50%  6 Years Ago

uvm summer program
GSA Club
Model Congress
Administrative Assistant
Honor Student
7 Ap Classes total

 SAT 1000     Top 50%  7 Years Ago

sailing team (4 years)
ski team (4 years)
crew team (2 years)
soccer team (2 years)
concert band (4 years)
pep band (4 years)
jazz band (4 years)
theater (2 years)
service project (4 years)

 SAT 1050     Top 1%  7 Years Ago

Two years of varsity soccer, four years of softball, three years of cross country, two years of track, three years on Nation Honors Society, two years on Student Council and three years as class president.

 SAT 1130     Top 30%  7 Years Ago

- French Club
- Journalism Club
- Fitness Club
- Environmental Club
- Photoessay Writing Contest Winner
- Events Committee member
- Security Commitee member

 SAT 1230     Top 10%  8 Years Ago

Volunteer every weekend since freshman year
Varsity Filed Hockey
Band Since Freshman Year
National Honor Society (11th and 12th Grade)
Spirit Night (9th, 10th, 12th grade)

 SAT 1110     Top 20%  8 Years Ago

foreign language club
advanced regents diploma with mastery of science
national honor society

 SAT 1230     Top 50%  9 Years Ago

-Tennis instructor (volunteer)
-medical intern
-foreign delegate (selected to go to France)
-87-88 gpa
-varsity letter in tennis freshman year
-academic athlete award

 SAT 1310     Top 30%  9 Years Ago

State or Country: New York

Program: Chemistry
SAT II: Chemistry 700,
AP: Chemistry, US History, Literature
GPA: 3.5
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
-Work as a cashier for two years
-Two years on Rugby team
-Black Belt in Karate
-Plaing guitar for 6 yrs.
-90-91 GPA (estimated)

 SAT 1100     Top 3%  9 Years Ago

State or Country: Vermont
AP: Lit, Euro, and Calculus
GPA: 3.7
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Theatre (5 years, 15 productions)
-Cross Country Skiing
-Community Service Club

 SAT 1350     Top 20%  9 Years Ago


3.7 GPA unweighted
AP History, AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Physics
National Honor Society
Nordic Skiing
Community Service through Church youth group

 SAT 1190     Top 30%  9 Years Ago

State or Country: Vermont
GPA: 3.3
Gender: Femail

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity Field Hockey(Captain, 3 yrs)
- Varsity Lacrosse (2 yrs)
-Prom Court
-Outing Club
- Knitting Club
-JVA Field Hockey (1 yr)
-JV Lacrosse (1 yr)

 SAT 1250     Top 50%  9 Years Ago

b's and a's all around.
Many awards in community service.
Work at Mass Audubon
Work at tutoring plus a non profit organization
coach a soccer team
play soccer

 SAT 1190     Top 20%  9 Years Ago

Nationally ranked cyclist
Concert Band
Jazz Band
Employment at bike shop 3summers

 SAT 1200     Top 70%  9 Years Ago

debate (2 yrs), frisbee team, art honor, business club, store manager, pilots license

 SAT 1330     Top 50%  9 Years Ago

Rowing Team
Select Choir
Eagle Scout
Peer Minister
Service trip to poor parts of country
Concert Choir President
Order of the Arrow
Employment at local supermarket
Class treasurer

 SAT 1230     Top 20%  9 Years Ago

Cross country

State or Country: Vermont

Program: Arts & Science, Business, Engineering..
AP: US History, Calculus
GPA: 3.3
Gender: Male

Profile of Activities:
- Varsity basketball,Track, and Cross Country
- Governors Institute Of Vermont engineering program
- Model United Nations (1 year)

 SAT 1370     Top 5%  10 Years Ago

Editor of Literary Magazine
Nationally Ranked Debater Public Forum
Forensics State Qualifier in Multiple category
School Mascot
National Merit Commended Scholar

 SAT 1240     Top 20%  10 Years Ago

peer leader
Special olympics ski coach volunteer
mac swim coach volunteer
Varsity lacrosse
Club Lacrosse
jv soccer

 SAT 1170     Top 20%  10 Years Ago

Snowboarding club, skateboearding, National Outdoor leadershi , Outwardbound, German,photography, studio art classes

 SAT 1140     Top 10%  10 Years Ago

student council, athletic council, national honor society, national art honor society, cross county running, tennis, varsity alpine ski team

 SAT 1050     Top 30%  10 Years Ago

Varsity Tennis
Habitat for Humanity
National Honor Society
French Honor Society
JV Softball
Big Sibling/Peer Mentoring

 SAT 1270     Top 5%  10 Years Ago

Rowing Club
French Club
Ping Pong Club
Coalition For Community Service
Nordic Ski Team
Math League

 SAT 1070     Top 5%  10 Years Ago

Rowing Club
Math League
French Club
Nordic Ski Team
Ping Pong Club
Coalition for Community Service

 SAT 1090     Top 20%  10 Years Ago

scholars bowl, all-state music festival, northeast music festival, cross country running, track and field, Nordic skiing, select choir, men's ensemble, play production, national honors society

 SAT 1040     Top 80%  10 Years Ago

Hospital volunteer, tennis, soccer, snowboarding, wakeboarding, golf, softball, modeling

 SAT 1110     Top 1%  10 Years Ago

Literary Performance Group
Working with Homeless
Volunteer in Theatre Company
Documentary Film Award
Poetry Award
National Honor Society

 SAT 1080     Top 20%  10 Years Ago

Tennis, soccer,German, volunteer roma kids,attended IB schools in Ghana, Macedonia, Austria, Ap school in Canada; lived in nine countries three continents

 SAT 1190     Top 5%  10 Years Ago

Volleyball, Yearbook, Class Council, Dance Marathon, Student Council, Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Post Star Quiz Bowl

 SAT 1070     Top 20%  10 Years Ago

Field Hockey (3 years)
Community Service(200)
American Sign Language
Honors courses
Volunteering at Animal Hospital

 SAT 1050     Top 40%  10 Years Ago

Jazzband, Jazz Combo, Electric Music Ensamble, Community Service, Rock Bands, Swimming, Soccer, Baseball, Frisbee, Youth Leadership conference, indoor track

 SAT 1280     Top 10%  10 Years Ago

Volunteer work
youth leader
president of environmental club
helped Katrina victims
key club
donated medical supplies
national environmental campaign work

 SAT 1100     Top 50%  10 Years Ago

varsity softball
jv lacrosse
President of Photography Club
jv downhill skiing

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