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1010 SAT Score

This SAT score averages 505 points per section.

If you take the test multiple times, your score will most likely fluctuate between the range 920-1100.

Is 1010 a good SAT score?

This SAT score means that you scored better than 50.7% of test takers.

Total Percentile: 50.7%
Male Percentile: 48.6%
Female Percentile: 52.5%

In 2013, 17,201 students scored the equivalent of 1010 on the SAT. There were 1,660,047 test takers in 2013.

(Data for 2013: Percentiles change depending on the year)

How does an 1010 SAT score translate to an ACT score or to the old SAT scoring?

The score converts to an ACT score of 21 out of 36. A 1010 translates into an old SAT score (2005-2015) of 1520 out of 2400.

What are some schools I should consider with a 1010 SAT score?
(Scores below are for the 25-75th percentile of admitted students)

Research Universities

University of Nebraska-Lincoln - SAT Scores (1020-1330)
Montana State University - SAT Scores (1010-1250)
Regent University - SAT Scores (950-1190)
Samford University - SAT Scores (1010-1230)
North Dakota State University-Main Campus - SAT Scores (960-1250)
Andrews University - SAT Scores (910-1200)
Biola University - SAT Scores (1003-1240)
Iowa State University - SAT Scores (1010-1320)
Mississippi State University - SAT Scores (970-1250)
The University of Alabama - SAT Scores (980-1250)
The University of Montana - SAT Scores (960-1190)
University of Cincinnati-Main Campus - SAT Scores (1000-1250)
University of Utah - SAT Scores (980-1268)
Catholic University of America - SAT Scores (1010-1220)
Temple University - SAT Scores (1010-1230)
University of California-Santa Cruz - SAT Scores (960-1230)
University of Kentucky - SAT Scores (990-1250)
University of New Mexico-Main Campus - SAT Scores (940-1210)
University of Wyoming - SAT Scores (980-1250)
Utah State University - SAT Scores (970-1250)
Liberal Arts Colleges

Coe College - SAT Scores (975-1350)
William Jewell College - SAT Scores (1010-1305)
Concordia College at Moorhead - SAT Scores (980-1270)
Hollins University - SAT Scores (960-1200)
Houghton College - SAT Scores (970-1225)
Ripon College - SAT Scores (1010-1320)
Stephens College - SAT Scores (850-1190)
The Evergreen State College - SAT Scores (930-1190)
Principia College - SAT Scores (908-1210)
Eckerd College - SAT Scores (1010-1230)
Goshen College - SAT Scores (950-1250)
Hartwick College - SAT Scores (1000-1220)
Ohio Wesleyan University - SAT Scores (990-1250)
Salem College - SAT Scores (990-1190)
Sweet Briar College - SAT Scores (928-1200)
Drew University - SAT Scores (1000-1220)
Georgetown College - SAT Scores (880-1160)
Guilford College - SAT Scores (940-1180)
Luther College - SAT Scores (950-1238)
Nebraska Wesleyan University - SAT Scores (1000-1210)

Recent History

SAT Score 1010, Top 5%
State: New York SAT II: 790 Spanish, 780 Literature, 760 Math I, 780 US History, 760 Biology, 770 World History, 5 European History, 5 PBS, AP: 5 US History, 5 Biology, 5 Psychology, 5 World History, 5 Chemistry, 5 Music Theory, 5 English Literature, AP Spanish, Environmental Science Gpa: 4.31 Gender:Male Race:Hispanic Profile of activity’s: Medical Research club ( President, 2 years) Track and field (4 years) Cross country (3 years) Science Olympiad (4 years) Debate (1 year) Podcast about helping undercl...
3 Months Ago

SAT Score 1010, Top 20%
Program: Arts & Science, Economics SAT II: US History 780, Math 2 800, Biology 760 AP: US History 5, Chinese 5, Bio 4.. GPA: 3.83 Gender: Male Profile of Activities: - President and member of school business club all 4 years (led team into international competitions) - Intern at Biotech startup during two summers (created a promo video for the company) - Intern at a startup developing cryptocurrency - Wrote a research paper on financial auditing - Running a personal blog and youtube channel based on entrepreneu...
8 Months Ago

SAT Score 1010, Top 1%
I am an international student from Kenya. Require financial aid High school activities=Chairman St.john Ambulance Club=Organized school's first blood donation day to help cancer patients Chairman Math Club=Won several accolades related to Math nationally, in my region and also in school Chairman French Club Started a charity organisation=Save Kenya Foundation that helps kids use their talents and education to further themselves in their lives Played Soccer and won my high school interhouse soccer competition...
8 Months Ago

SAT Score 1010, Top 60%
How soon is too soon to start dating I'm due offer you birth July 1st. The baby's nursery is paid in advance, I've made a list of everything I might actually need, to baby nail clippers, And have bought everything but the crib. My mat leave will provide me with just under $2000 a month and I feel as mentally prepared as i will be. My parents are also great in supporting me throughout this. Problem is I wish I had male company and I haven't been with anyone since January. i don't want a fling or anything nasty like that...
9 Months Ago

SAT Score 1010, Top 3%
State or Country: Texas Program Engineering Magnet SAT II: N/A AP: PHYSICS 4, ENGLISH 4, CALCULUS 5, BIOLOGY 3, HUMANGEO 3, COMPUTERPRINCIPALS 3, COMPUTERA 5, PSYCHOLOGY 4 GPA: 3.795 Gender: Male Profile of Activities: - Robotics club (programer; 4 yrs) - UIL Competitions (computer science; 3 yrs) - Computer Science club (Vice President; 3 yrs) - Table Top RPG club (Founder & President; 2 yrs) - Band (2 yrs) - City of Laredo MileOne Hack-A-Thon (competition winners) - Area Health Education Center (Volente...
12 Months Ago

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