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1060 SAT Score

This SAT score averages 530 points per section.

If you take the test multiple times, your score will most likely fluctuate between the range 970-1150.

Is 1060 a good SAT score?

This SAT score means that you scored better than 59.3% of test takers.

Total Percentile: 59.3%
Male Percentile: 57.2%
Female Percentile: 61.2%

In 2013, 16,431 students scored the equivalent of 1060 on the SAT. There were 1,660,047 test takers in 2013.

(Data for 2013: Percentiles change depending on the year)

How does an 1060 SAT score translate to an ACT score or to the old SAT scoring?

The score converts to an ACT score of 22 out of 36. A 1060 translates into an old SAT score (2005-2015) of 1590 out of 2400.

What are some schools I should consider with a 1060 SAT score?
(Scores below are for the 25-75th percentile of admitted students)

Research Universities

University of Nebraska-Lincoln - SAT Scores (1020-1330)
The University of Tennessee - SAT Scores (1040-1290)
University of Alabama at Birmingham - SAT Scores (1040-1290)
University of Alabama in Huntsville - SAT Scores (1020-1290)
University of Missouri-Columbia - SAT Scores (1040-1290)
University of St Thomas - SAT Scores (1040-1280)
University of the Pacific - SAT Scores (1030-1320)
The New School - SAT Scores (1020-1235)
DePaul University - SAT Scores (1050-1260)
Loyola University Chicago - SAT Scores (1050-1260)
Montana State University - SAT Scores (1010-1250)
Regent University - SAT Scores (950-1190)
Samford University - SAT Scores (1010-1230)
University of Oklahoma Norman Campus - SAT Scores (1040-1290)
North Dakota State University-Main Campus - SAT Scores (960-1250)
Andrews University - SAT Scores (910-1200)
Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus - SAT Scores (1020-1280)
Biola University - SAT Scores (1003-1240)
Colorado State University - SAT Scores (1020-1250)
George Mason University - SAT Scores (1050-1250)
Liberal Arts Colleges

Coe College - SAT Scores (975-1350)
Cornell College - SAT Scores (1030-1300)
William Jewell College - SAT Scores (1010-1305)
Hope College - SAT Scores (1050-1340)
Transylvania University - SAT Scores (1030-1280)
Gordon College - SAT Scores (1009-1289)
Concordia College at Moorhead - SAT Scores (980-1270)
Hollins University - SAT Scores (960-1200)
Judson College - SAT Scores (1040-1220)
Mills College - SAT Scores (1030-1240)
Washington College - SAT Scores (1040-1260)
Birmingham Southern College - SAT Scores (1040-1270)
Houghton College - SAT Scores (970-1225)
Millsaps College - SAT Scores (1020-1250)
Oglethorpe University - SAT Scores (1010-1230)
Ripon College - SAT Scores (1010-1320)
Stephens College - SAT Scores (850-1190)
The Evergreen State College - SAT Scores (930-1190)
Principia College - SAT Scores (908-1210)
Eckerd College - SAT Scores (1010-1230)

Recent History

SAT Score 1060, Top 1%
State or Country: Arizona Program: Arts & Science, Chemistry Major ACT: 35C converts to 1580-1590 SAT SAT II: Chemistry 800, Math Level2 800 AP: US History 5, World History 5, Chemistry 4, Psychology 4, Biology 3 9 total APs GPA: 3.95 UW Gender: Gender Nonconforming Profile of Activities: -NHS President -Science NHS Founder and President -Mu Alpha Theta Vice President -Key Club -Marching Band (Drum major 1 year) -All State Honor Band and Orchestra participant for 3 years- trumpet -Member of POPS symphony ...
4 Years Ago

SAT Score 1060, Top 60%
School related activities: August 2011- June 2012 & August 2012- June 2013. Science Club I performed various experiments that created dramatic reactions. After these reactions occurred we got to study what causes the reaction and why the reaction occurred. August 2011- June 2012 & August 2012- June 2013. Spanish Club I learned about the various cultures and rituals in Spanish-speaking countries. Some of the holidays we celebrated were Cinco de Mayo, Cesar Chavez holiday, Los Sanfermines. August 2013- June ...
7 Years Ago

SAT Score 1060, Top 30%
Played Freshman Football Bulldog Citizenship Award Beta Freshman Officer Relay For Life - (Raised Money for Cancer Research) Played Junior/Varsity Football Scholar Athlete Beta Public Relations Officer (Sophomore, Junior, Senior) North Gwinnett Student Leadership Team Relay For life Advisory Board Student Council Spanish Club Worked at Frontera Restaurant part-time Homecoming Court Finalist Relay for Life Executive Board Student Council Reporter Coach for a 11 year old football team Church youth group Fres...
8 Years Ago

SAT Score 1060, Top 10%
country : Tunisia SAT II : French 800 , world history 650 GPA : 3.2 gender : female Profile Of activities and community service : president and founder o the first UNICEF club Tunisia organizing a successful event where e tough children their duties and rights president of the debate club , American corner president of dreamyard association of music and arts vice-president of the environmental club , American corner got an honor in 10th level piano , 2nd place in a piano competition ... a member in severa...
8 Years Ago

SAT Score 1060, Top 70%
-President of the City Council teen advisory board. -Junior class secretary. -Member of National Honor Society. -Member of a Gay Straight Alliance group. -AP Language and Composition,AP American history, AP European history, AP Miro economics, AP Government, AP Human geography. -Honors English 1, Honors Biology, Honors Marine Biology, Honors World History, Honors English 2. -I was Dual enrolled at a local state college and took Composition, and Psychology. -I have 100 Volunteer hours. - I have worked for two summers ...
8 Years Ago

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