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1240 SAT Score

This SAT score averages 620 points per section.

If you take the test multiple times, your score will most likely fluctuate between the range 1150-1330.

Is 1240 a good SAT score?

This SAT score means that you scored better than 85.3% of test takers.

Total Percentile: 85.3%
Male Percentile: 84.0%
Female Percentile: 86.5%

In 2013, 9,343 students scored the equivalent of 1240 on the SAT. There were 1,660,047 test takers in 2013.

(Data for 2013: Percentiles change depending on the year)

How does an 1240 SAT score translate to an ACT score or to the old SAT scoring?

The score converts to an ACT score of 27 out of 36. A 1240 translates into an old SAT score (2005-2015) of 1860 out of 2400.

What are some schools I should consider with a 1240 SAT score?
(Scores below are for the 25-75th percentile of admitted students)

Research Universities

University of California-Berkeley - SAT Scores (1230-1510)
Brandeis University - SAT Scores (1240-1480)
University of Tulsa - SAT Scores (1130-1390)
University of Miami - SAT Scores (1230-1420)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - SAT Scores (1190-1410)
American University - SAT Scores (1150-1340)
George Washington University - SAT Scores (1200-1400)
Southern Methodist University - SAT Scores (1220-1380)
University of Maryland-College Park - SAT Scores (1210-1430)
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities - SAT Scores (1180-1420)
Brigham Young University - SAT Scores (1150-1360)
University of California-Los Angeles - SAT Scores (1180-1460)
Yeshiva University - SAT Scores (1090-1370)
SUNY at Binghamton - SAT Scores (1210-1380)
Boston University - SAT Scores (1190-1400)
Colorado School of Mines - SAT Scores (1190-1380)
Fordham University - SAT Scores (1170-1360)
Lehigh University - SAT Scores (1240-1430)
Missouri University of Science and Technology - SAT Scores (1140-1370)
Stevens Institute of Technology - SAT Scores (1230-1400)
Liberal Arts Colleges

Macalester College - SAT Scores (1230-1440)
Davidson College - SAT Scores (1220-1430)
Whitman College - SAT Scores (1220-1413)
Kenyon College - SAT Scores (1230-1410)
New College of Florida - SAT Scores (1170-1360)
Wheaton College - SAT Scores (1210-1420)
Beloit College - SAT Scores (1090-1360)
Bryn Mawr College - SAT Scores (1220-1480)
Colorado College - SAT Scores (1230-1420)
St. Olaf College - SAT Scores (1170-1410)
Earlham College - SAT Scores (1120-1310)
Lewis & Clark College - SAT Scores (1170-1370)
Occidental College - SAT Scores (1210-1400)
Thomas Aquinas College - SAT Scores (1150-1340)
Coe College - SAT Scores (975-1350)
Gettysburg College - SAT Scores (1200-1370)
Rhodes College - SAT Scores (1170-1370)
University of Minnesota-Morris - SAT Scores (1040-1300)
University of Richmond - SAT Scores (1220-1410)
Bucknell University - SAT Scores (1210-1400)

Recent History

SAT Score 1240, Top 1%
My cumulative high school GPA is 3.54 and I have been involved in a variety of extra curricular activities during high school some of which include being Classroom Representative in my freshman year, Treasurer of the Student Council in my sophomore year, President of my school's National Honor Society in my junior and senior year and President of the Student Council in my senior year. Along with being involved in these leadership roles and the responsibilities they entail, in the summer after my freshmen year, I did an inter...
6 Years Ago

SAT Score 1240, Top 20%
State: Texas AP: WHAP-4 GPA: 4.90 Gender: Female Profile of Activities: - Tennis (2.5 years) -Student Council (2 years) -Theater (2 years) -National Honor Society (1 year-cont.) -Spanish National Honor Society -Church Leadership Team (1 year- cont.) -Job at YMCA (Child Care) -Volunteering at Memorial Herman North East (1 year) -Mission trips (4 years) -National Hispanic Merit Scholar -Spanish all 4 years -all honors/AP classes -Girl Scout -Key Club (1 year) -Catholic Club (1 year) ...
6 Years Ago

SAT Score 1240, Top 5%
program :engineering GPA: 3.5 International red cross society registered volunteer for 3 years.Conducted blood donation camps and collected 100 bottles of blood. organised safety and first aid training programs for about 300 participants. National Cadet Core cadet for 2 years. Leader of school NCC and lead national day parade on Independence day. Avid trekker and wildlife enthusiast. Trekking expeditions at Mt. Kilimanjaro, africa, Mt. Abu India, Pindhari glacier trek in Himalayas. Participated in VADFEST the...
6 Years Ago

SAT Score 1240, Top 1%
AP Chemistry: 3 Currently enrolled in AP physics 1, AP Calc BC, AP English Leadership positions: Yearbook editor in chief National beta club president Key club fundraising coordinator South Korean culture club secretary Chinese school class president French honors society treasurer Extra curricular activities: Key club Model UN Chinese school Yearbook Science Olympiad National honors society French honors society Link crew National beta club California scholarship federation Filipino culture club South...
6 Years Ago

SAT Score 1240, Top 5%
45 Credits of dual enrollment including Calculus 1 & 2, Chemistry 1, Composition 1 & 2., Economics, Psychology (4.0 GPA) 3 CLEP credits in Information Systems and Applications Won Math Excellence Award Participant in STEM Fair 2nd place in College STEM test Worked 4 summers at a Christian camp for underprivileged children Media/ Tech support and Web development at Church Play percussion at Church and camp Work part time as a math tutor in college math lab Bookkeeper and financial assistant at a local non-profit...
6 Years Ago

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